USPS: There’s Reasons for Their Problems

This is another very personal rant about the United States Postal Service.

On September 14 2011 I received a notice about a parcel that needed to be picked up at the Bend DCU.

This is problematical for me as I have no transportation other than BAT (Bend Area Transit) buses, and none of them go anywhere near the Bend DCU (it’s 3/4 of a mile each way to walk there). This week our temperatures have been in the high 70’s and low 80’s (also I don’t get off work until around 11:00 am when it is starting to really warm up).

Supposedly the USPS redelivers, and you can either fill out the notice they leave you or you can do it online (

I filled out the form online the evening of September 16 2011. The parcel was not delivered on Saturday September 17 or on Monday September 19 so I amended my request on Tuesday September 20 2011 to add “second request, please redeliver on Wednesday September 21” I’d also tried calling the Bend DCU twice on Tuesday morning; nobody answered.

I say that the USPS supposedly redelivers because its been almost a week since I filled out the form and not only do I not have my parcel, today I received a ‘final notice’ that the item will be returned to the sender on September 30 2011 if not picked up. What is the point of offering a service that the Bend DCU and the postal carrier can’t be bothered to even acknowledge, much less provide?

I edited my request again today for all the good it will do. It’s obvious that the Bend DCU and my carrier aren’t going to deliver the parcel!

Since the parcel doesn’t require a signature, I gave the second notice to my poor long-suffering park manager (Larry) and he’s going to try to pick it up for me (he has transportation other than shanks mare LOL)

ETA: when I got home from shopping the box (beads that used to belong to my grandmother, sent by my aunt) was on my chair. My roommate said it was sitting inside the screen door (which tells me that Larry picked it up, the USPS is not allowed to open screen doors when you aren’t there).

A week later and 3 redelivery requests……….I can’t believe that the USPS thinks they are doing a good job!

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