Mick The Morose

Well, you would be morose too if your former owners called you FISH STICK.  Really, who names a cat “FISH STICK?!!”

His first official actions upon meeting me were to accidentally scratch me in the bosom area and then to hiss at me.  But once I got him home, he decided this fat old lady wasn’t too bad, and the eats were great (he gained 2 pounds from the time I adopted him until the time I took him for his first vet exam, as the vet tech said “Mick hasn’t missed any meals”).

Mick has continued to ‘not miss meals’ as he now weighs close to 17 pounds.  Do I think I’m going to put him on a diet any time soon?  I feel he will be the cat from hades if I even try so…….I DON’T THINK SO.

Mick is large, orange, and can be very demanding when he feels he hasn’t received his fair share of petting.

And did I mention he has a plastic fetish?  Anything, and I do mean anything, that is plastic is fair game for him.  Drink cup lids (he will carry the domed ones around in his mouth), plastic grocery sacks, the strips of plastic that seal food such as Breyer’s ice cream…..you name it he chews it.  Oh yes he’s also been known to try to carry off candy bar wrappers and has played with double A batteries!!

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