Adventures in Stupidity

And for all those politically correct poobahs out there….the post you are about to read involves my stupidity only.  I figure it’s acceptable to call myself stupid, or at the very least bone-headed.

I went to a family picnic that was a 2 1/2 hour drive away (one way).  I didn’t get lost finding the place which is a minor miracle as I am seriously directionally challenged.  With a little help (read: nagging LOL) from an online friend, I didn’t even forget anything that I had planned on taking with me.

I had a great time.  There was lots of good food and lots of good conversation.  I hadn’t seen several of these people since the picnic in 2007, and the others I either hadn’t seen since the 2008 picnic or I had never met them at all.

I left for Bend about 4:00 pm and I was 15 minutes away from home when I realized  that my purse had enjoyed the picnic even more than I did.  It enjoyed the picnic so much that it stayed behind when I left.

I called my cousins’ cell phone from the truck.  I got an answering machines recording that says if you want to leave a message call another number.  Who has a pen to write down the other number?  Not me, all of my pens are in the purse.

So I say the heck with it, I will call them again when I get home, and since I have the worlds largest supply of writing instruments I can easily write the other number down then.

I called again as soon as I got in the door and reached a real live person this time.  He located my purse on the deck, big as life and twice as nasty; he agreed to drop it in the mail on Monday.

To add even more idiocy to the story: I spelled my last name out for him.  What’s idiotic about that?? I did mention didn’t I that this was a FAMILY picnic….. of course he already knew how to spell my last name.

Oh well, the lack of debit card and drivers’ license will give me even more time to clean house.  Why?

1) I shouldn’t drive without my drivers license

2) without my debit card I can’t pay for my fast food addiction!

Am I going to let my purse out of my sight ever again?…….I DON’T THINK SO.

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