Oregon Working Families Party

Now I have to admit I was intrigued when I saw the banner for the Oregon Working Families Party on Facebook.

But my intrigue rapidly turned to disgust, as this party does NOT seem to reach out to those without children, those who aren’t working, those who aren’t heterosexual (pictures on their site show a ‘typical’ family with mother, father, and child), those with alternative lifestyles, or those who are single.

There are many many references to children throughout their platform. There are many many references to families throughout their platform.

This is exclusionary politics at its very best (or worst, depending on your perspective) and this is not the type of political party I would feel comfortable either joining or supporting financially.

Although single individuals–whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, or bisexual– face many of the same issues that families do (generally on LESS income and with LESS access to social services) this political party ignores them totally.

So thanks but no thanks, this unemployed single 50-year-old bisexual woman with no children–and no desire to have any– is much more likely to go Libertarian or go Independent or remain a Democrat.

Am I impressed with the Oregon Working Families Party? I DON’T THINK SO!!

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