“PS:Have you thought putting video to this blog to keep the people more interested?I think it works.”

PS: Have you thought of actually reading the blog entries and seeing for yourself that video would be a worthless addition to the blog?

Oh I forgot, reading is optional especially when leaving nonsensical comments that have nothing to do with any topic ever posted at this blog since it was started in October 2009.

I think it doesn’t work for THIS blog, and I think the commenter was an idiot to even have mentioned it. In addition what does World Cup Betting have to do with Bend Broadband?

I don’t think anybody would be interested in me eating the food I mention in a lot of these posts, especially given the fact that since I live alone my table manners are sorely lacking, appalling even–chew with my mouth open, wash my food down with my coca-cola, wipe my mouth on my shirt if there’s nothing else available.

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