Ain’t Nobody Here But This Chicken!!

Such a really good conversation all of you have going. I enjoy a combination of excellent and accurate info along with a number of intellectual thoughts. It’s actually good to at last discover good content where I really feel like I could trust the text as well as respect the folks whom post it. Considering the net trash today I always value uncovering some true voices on the internet. Thanks for posting and continue the good work, please!!

Now this comment on the face of it is intelligent, well-thought out, and would have been approved except for several niggling little facts.

1) Conversation? His was the first comment on this post By definition a conversation is between two or more people. I don’t feel that my blog post and his comment make for a ‘conversation’

2) Excellent and accurate info? How in hades does he know if its accurate or not? Was he living with me when I had the experience? If so, in addition to making nonsensical posts he’s also discovered the art of invisibility.

3) ALL OF YOU and THE FOLKS? That would be I suppose ME, MYSELF, MY CATS (although they don’t contribute directly to the blog) and I. Just like there is no conversation going on here, there is also no ‘all of us’ and there are no ‘folks’ There is just one person here and by definition one person is NOT ‘all of us’ or ‘folks.’

4) If I approve this trolling and nonsensical comment it will be followed by more trolling and nonsensical comments. Methinks the url and the IP and the name and any other identifying information is going into that handy dandy filter

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