Monster is Really Starting to Get on My Nerves

A virus has been found in the Word resume you chose to attach to our database. Therefore, it has not been attached.

Fortunately, we were able to convert the text from your Word resume into simple HTML text and, along with any searchable information you submitted, that information is currently saved as your resume in our database.

You can still apply online with this resume and activate it so employers can find it, but to make your actual Word resume available to employers, you need to scan and clean it with an antivirus software, then reattach it.

Or you can try attaching another document.

Thank you for submitting your resume!

Never mind that the exact same resume has been sent out as an attachment 75 times in 2010 alone, and one would think that if it had a virus attached to it, somebody would have noticed it long before this. I would also think that my Kaspersky anti-virus would alert me every time I opened said resume if it really had a virus attached.

Then I never activated this resume yet employers ARE finding it.

They are apparently seeing a lot of skills I do not have as I have received 3 emails regarding insurance sales positions and 1 email regarding software development since I was stupid enough to upload this resume (2 days ago).

I have been registered with for literally years and there was no interest in me at all until I uploaded this resume 2 days ago. Now I am getting emails and phone calls which would be great if only I was anywhere near qualified for the jobs.

I have no sales experience at all and I do not want an insurance sales position.

I have no experience at all in software development either, and that job requires relocation which I specifically told I was not interested in doing.

Funny how the resume on file at which they supposedly created from the virus-ridden attachment is exactly the same as the one I bloody uploaded.

Funny how that resume says its had ZERO views but I’ve received 4 emails that state they found my resume on

Something smells like 3 day old rotten fish left out in the sun here, and it sure as heck is NOT my resume.

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