Starbucks ROCKS!

When I got home from Safeway I immediately called Starbucks to get the mess with the card straightened out.

I just happened to mention that the lady at the Starbucks store inside Safeway had–in my opinion–been both insensitive and rude.

The very nice young man on the phone not only told me how to get my card fixed (the remaining balance can be transferred to a new card) he is sending me vouchers for free Starbucks drinks.

I call this going above and beyond, as it certainly wasn’t Starbucks fault that I ran into an insensitive and not very smart Safeway employee.

He is also contacting Safeway management at the NE 3rd and Franklin store to discuss with them the way I was treated at the Starbucks store inside Safeway.

Perhaps the rude and insensitive clerk will think twice next time before behaving that way towards other customers.

Then I went to the Cascade Village Starbucks stand-alone store where I received more excellent customer service.

My card issues were dealt with quickly, it took less than 2-3 minutes to transfer the balance from the old card to the new. They were polite, helpful, and friendly (as they always are when I go there).

Apparently, the difference between the Starbucks stand alone store and the Starbucks store inside the Safeway store is that the stand alone store is staffed by Starbucks employees while the Starbucks store inside Safeway is staffed by Safeway employees.

Starbucks provides excellent customer service and they pride themselves on doing so.

Safeway appears to pride themselves on rudeness, insensitivity, and rushing people out of the store if they present any kind of a problem at all.

The very nice lady behind the counter at the stand alone Starbucks said it best: It’s amazing how WHO signs your checks defines your attitude towards customers.

Bad customer service is just not acceptable for Starbucks, while its apparently not only acceptable but a repeat occurrence at Safeway.

Do I think the customer is always right? NO. But I do firmly believe in treating them as if they are, or at the very least offering reasonable solutions to their problems.


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