I Use Firefox Myself….And There Aren’t ANY Images To Be Messed Up!!

There is ONE picture on this site, that of my cat Mick from several months ago.

There are no other images anywhere on the site to be messed up, so any comments saying that ‘images are messed up’ are being treated as either spam or trash, depending on the url being promoted in the comment.

I create every single one of my posts using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. I look at my posts in those two browsers after they are completed to see if I need to add more space or have misspelled anything. The posts –with or without images– appear perfectly fine to me in either browser.

The only problem I have ever had since starting this blog nearly a year ago is that the links from Google Ad Sense show up in Google Chrome but not in Firefox, but even with that problem there are NO images to be messed up.

Most of my legitimate commenters don’t have any problems reading the posts –which again have NO images messed up or otherwise–except when they use the K-Meleon browser. Since K-Meleon is a rarely used browser, I am not willing to mess with settings that work perfectly for MOST people.

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