Sh*t On a Shingle!

The spammers are at it again, and I am sure this one thought I’d be offended. Or maybe he/she/it thinks I have virgin ears and will just lose my mind over his expletive. That is presuming that he/she/it can think at all which is highly unlikely–you have to have at least ONE brain cell to be able to think.

LOL,it amuses me there are people like u calling themselves “experts” on topics like this… dont know sh*t!!

It amuses me that this charming sh*tty spammer thinks I called myself an expert in anything . The word expert does not appear anywhere in any sh*tty opic on this sh*tty blog. I am simply expressing my sh*tty opinions and discussing my sh*tty experiences.

So who doesn’t know sh*t? The charming spammer, who really doesn’t know sh*t, can’t read for sh*t, couldn’t spell sh*t if he/she it had a mouth full of it, and has sh*t for brains.

Sh*tty, isn’t it?

I guess the sh*tty spammer didn’t like being called out on being a sh*tty spammer as I just got this sh*tty comment (poor sh*tty spammer doesn’t realize his sh*tty, insulting, and exceedingly rude (not to mention unintelligent) comments go straight into the spam filter.

You really are an inconsiderate douchebag. I advise you to disconnect from the internet.

I advise YOU to stop making sh*tty rude vulgar insulting nasty and unintelligent comments unless you want to be reported to your sh*tty ISP.

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