There are no conclusions here!

I keep getting comments that I leave things up in the air. SO WHAT????? There are no conclusions here, only opinions and experiences.

My life (your life, everybody’s life) is not a neat little package tied up with a pretty bow at the end of a 30 minute (24 minutes with commercials) television show (or a blog post that takes at most 15 minutes to write)

What do you people want?

1) A happy ending where whatever site or company I was complaining about comes to me and apologizes publicly for their lousy customer service? That hasn’t happened since I started this blog nearly a year, in fact the only company that felt compelled to ever even respond was Bend Broadband. If the comments from Bend Broadband are any indicator of the quality of comments I would get from other companies or sites, thanks but no thanks.

2) A company or site that gets mad enough at me for trashing them that they tell me to cease and desist. That ain’t gonna happen either. Most companies are too busy running their companies to pay attention to even a huge blog (which this one isn’t)

This blog is NOT about conclusions or neat/tidy/tied up with a pretty bow resolutions. It is about opinions and experiences and feelings and LIFE in general, all of which not only are sometimes messy but are allowed to be messy.

If ya’ll want nice tidy tied up with a pretty bow make you feel better at the end oh happy day little ms mary sunshine conclusions I suggest you go watch reruns of Little House on the Prairie or Touched By An Angel.

What you will find here is more like reality television where things aren’t all tidy and solved to YOUR satisfaction at the end of the show.

If everything was all neat and tidy and tied up with a pretty bow and resolved in 30 or 60 minutes I wouldn’t even have a need to freaking blog—which might not be such a bad thing based on the quality of most of the comments I receive here!!!!

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