Nothing Here is Plagiarized

This article sounds awfully familiar to something I read before. I hope you are not plagiarizing material.

I hope you move on to insulting other bloggers and soon.

How can I plagiarize my own experiences? How can I plagiarize my own feelings and emotions? How can I plagiarize emails or phone calls that I personally received?

If similar experiences have happened to other people and they blogged about them, so what?

If other people have similar feelings and emotions (and again blog about them), again SO WHAT?

If other people receive similar emails and phone calls on similar topics, and chose to blog about them too—SO WHAT????

Anything that needs credited to the source I credit — for example and

But if I am blogging about my personal unique experiences emotions and/or feelings I do not need to credit them to anyone.

Your comment is insulting and rude. You need to buy a dictionary (that’s presupposing you could read it in the first place) and look up the definition of plagiarism.

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