FreeCycle AGAIN

Well, the charming person who thought she could claim EVERYTHING never even showed up for the chicken wire and the phone which were the only things she was ever even promised

“i do apologize that i left the directions on my kitchen counter this morning…please allow the people next to get these items as i wont be thru bend for a bit…thank you”  She was supposed to be here so early that I should leave the items on my front porch or in my yard for her.  She emailed me to say she wasn’t going to pick them up at 4:00 pm on the day she was supposed to have picked them up.

Five day wait, a not-so-veiled threat to basically steal everything on my property that wasn’t nailed down, and then she oh-so-conveniently ‘forgets’ detailed instructions on how to get to my house, plus doesn’t inform me that she isn’t going to pick up the stuff at all until HOURS after she was supposed to be here.

So these things do go to other people, all is well in Freecycle land or so I thought.

3 pairs of pants, bought on clearance so they can’t be returned, and there is no way on earth I can wear them.  These pants are brand spanking new, never been worn at all.  So I offer them on Freecycle.

First person who wants them, she had picked up a very nice phone from me so she knew where I lived.  Even though I was a little disgruntled that she was re-freecycling the phone because she ‘just didn’t like it at all’ I still thought, that’s great, no having to give her directions.

She says she will come the next day to pick them up around 11:00 am.  Around 10:40 am (20 minutes before she’s supposed to be here)  email arrives to say ‘my husband will pick them up sometime today when he is out running errands, because my arthritis is acting up.’

I had not slept well and was exhausted, the only reason I was even up was she was coming over to pick up these pants.  So I told her that I was going back to bed and would put them in a plastic bag on my front porch.

All of a sudden she doesn’t want the pants at all.  That is ever so fine with me, since I am NOT going to stay up waiting for her husband to deign to show up to pick them up.

So I offered the pants to the next person in line who had literally BEGGED me to give them to her.

I told  her they are on my front porch in a plastic bag, I give her detailed instructions on where I live and how to get here, and I told her that she’s welcome to come pick them up anytime that day as I was going to go back to bed.

I also said, if they weren’t picked up by the time I woke up I would bring them back inside (because of iffy weather) and we could try again.  I woke up around 5 pm, and guess what? Pants still hanging off my screen door knob.

That was over 2 full days ago.  After over 15 hours with no reply (and no pickup) I told her to just not bother coming over and picking them up as they are going to Goodwill.  I didn’t get any reply to that email either, and it was sent 36 hours ago.

If you are going to ask for something,  be courteous enough to respond in a timely manner when it is offered to you.   If you just can’t be bothered to do that, perhaps FreeCycle is NOT the place you should be.

Are any of these people ever going to get anything else from me via FreeCycle? I DON’T THINK SO.

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