Ebay Was Pretty Much A Bust

I spent more in postage on shipping two of the items than I was paid for them. The United States Postal Service sucks ROFL.

Out of over 45 listings, 4 items sold. I earned a whopping total of $176.75 out of which I paid $19.00+ in postage plus listing fees and final value fees (ebay) and receiving fees (PayPal).

What really frosts me is that Ebay and PayPal are basically one and the same (Ebay owns PayPal) so they are double or triple dipping with fees!

The remaining stuff plus my bedroom furniture set will go on Craigs List. No fees, no shipping, no hassle. I already have taken all the photos I need (except for the bedroom furniture) so that all I need to do is just post on Craigs List and upload the photos.

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