Kent Coffey Bedroom Furniture

kent coffey furniture

kent coffey dresser

kent coffee mirror

kent coffee nightstands

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  • Snoopy says:

    Gosh, those are pretty – would take them in a heartbeat!
    Good Luck 😀

  • hearing aids says:

    Great blog, how about links exchanging? Please contact me asap, Thanks.

  • Mattress Reporter says:

    Beautiful chest of drawers — I love those handles.

    – the Mattress Reporter

  • DL Sherwood says:

    I have that bedroom suite of Kent Coffey’s french provincial era…he called it Palais Royal. It’s made from maple & gum with the numbers7792, white and gold-44. I have the dresser w/mirror, the 5 drawer chest of drawers, and the full size head and foot board for the bed with the original slats and side rails. My mother bought the set new in 1969 in Arkansas just after we moved there. Didn’t know till today that set was worth anything….thanks for the info on Coffey!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!


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