Okay, so I’m supposed to tell you about myself.  Hmmm, scary thought.

I turned 52 last November (yes, I’m a Scorpio….you have been warned ROFL!!)

I live in Bend, Oregon (USA). I have a male roommate and 2 male cats (I am outnumbered, send reinforcements!! LOL)

I have no patience whatsoever (ie patience is a virtue…….which I do not possess!!) and I do not suffer fools gladly

I’m not overweight (I’m just undertall),

I am ‘directionally challenged’ (ie go anywhere with me, one or the other of us had better have a map or a compass or both!!)

I am the staff of 2 cats and they are still in the process of training me

And I’m not a flaming liberal but I am a liberal.  democrat, female, feminist, fifty, fat, opinionated, and assertive……Rush Limbaugh’s worst nightmare  <insert evil grin>

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  • Tim Doran says:

    I’m a business reporter at The Bulletin writing for tomorrow about BendBroadband’s latest rate increase, which was announced today. I saw your post about the company and wondered if you would be willing to comment for the story.
    Thanks for the consideration
    Tim Doran


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