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Life in the Flooding Lane

My roommate and I have a leak in her bathroom and bedroom (Mr Rooter tells me that the valves next to the toilet are leaking, and they wanted $661.60 to fix the leak with no guarantees that it would be fully fixed).

Mr Rooter had supposedly fixed a leak under the house 2 days before the leak in the bathroom started, for which I was charged $471.00. I borrowed $250.00 from a friend for the half down that Mr Rooter required, and still owe them $221.00.

Looking for a good plumber (preferably not one that is associated with a big plumbing chain) who would work with us (ie taking payments), as I am unemployed and my roommate is on SSI.

I am unemployed and have no money coming in (my roommate pays the space rent although it is my house).

As of May 4, we turned off the water to the entire house so that the bathroom and bedroom could be dried out.

We will be using buckets to flush the toilets, and have some drinking water in the refrigerator (also my roommate is planning on buying bottled water to drink and cook with).

Also my next door neighbor ran a hose from his house to ours so we can have water for doing dishes and flushing the toilets

However, we can’t live without showers, baths, doing laundry, etc for very long.

We may be able to get a non-plumber who has plumbing skills but we still need to have money to pay him or at least partially pay him.

I am trying to scrounge up $100.00 for a ‘down payment’ but the going is slow.

Right now the “Fix Suellen’s Plumbing Fund” sits at $40.00, because I sold a vintage camera to a local antique store yesterday

Trazodone Tribulations

This story starts about 3 weeks ago, when I called the Safeway Pharmacy at 3rd and Franklin to try to refill my Trazodone prescription. Much to my surprise their automated system said that the prescription was no longer valid; I tried 5 separate times, thinking that I’d entered the prescription number incorrectly. I got the same message each time.

My records showed that the prescription was valid through January 28, 2015 so I was more than a little confused about why I couldn’t fill it again.

I called my doctors’ office the next morning to see what was going on, and the medical receptionist said that they would send a new prescription to the pharmacy. I was told it would take about 3 days for the prescription to be filled. I was also told that if this happened in the future I should talk to the pharmacy first before calling my doctors’ office.

During the 3 days, I discovered that I had grabbed an old Trazodone bottle rather than the most recent one. I’d also figured out that I’d called the prescription in about a week before it was eligible for a refill. I had at least a weeks’ worth of the pills left. So I figured I would be able to refill the prescription in a week or 10 days.

Apparently the prescription had never been sent to Safeway by my doctor either, since I picked up several other prescriptions during the month that didn’t include the Trazodone. But since I had several pills left it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Once the 16th of January rolled around, I tried refilling the prescription and got the same message from Safeway. I took the bottle to the pharmacy itself and found out that their records showed that the prescription strength was wrong. Once we got that straightened out, I got the refill that same day.

I also thought nothing more about the communication with my doctors’ office since I didn’t need them to call in the prescription. To be honest, that isn’t quite true. I was pretty ticked off that a medical receptionist had apparently made the decision to not help me get my prescription, and I really didn’t think that she was qualified to make that decision. It turned out that she probably had nothing to do with this mess.

There are several Mosaic Medical clinics through out Central Oregon, and up until April 2014 I was being seen at the Greenwood clinic. After about mid-April I went to Bridges Health which is also a part of Mosaic Medical. In fact, one of the doctors at the Greenwood clinic was the person who referred me to Bridges Health.

Then yesterday January 29th 2015 I receive a phone call from my doctors’ office at Bridges Health wondering why I had contacted them about the Trazodone since “it wasn’t prescribed by us.”

I about fell off my chair because it was prescribed by a doctor at Mosaic Medical, which is basically the same thing as Bridges Health. In fact, the brochures and signage for Bridges Health have Mosaic Medical all over them.

I did point out that the prescribing doctor was located at the Greenwood clinic, and that it had probably been Mark Press who prescribed it. Robin (the nurse from Bridges Health who called me) basically ignored that and went right into ‘how long have you been taking this’ and ‘what was it prescribed for.’

Hey, Nurse Robin, YOU are the one with access to my health records for the last 4 plus years. YOU should be able to answer your own questions by simply looking at those records.

I’ve been a client at Bridges Health since April 2014, and was a client at Mosaic Medical’s Greenwood clinic for 3 years and 8 months. I transferred to Bridges directly from the Greenwood clinic. Additionally, Bridges has all my records from Bend Memorial Clinic, Central Oregon Radiology Associates, and St Charles Medical Center (our local hospital), so I do think that Robin could have found the answers to the questions about the Trazodone by simply accessing my (exhaustively complete) records.

I was also more than a little irritated that the call came nearly three weeks after I’d originally contacted them. If this had been a really important medicine such as my Glipizide (for diabetes) or my Eliquis (powerful blood thinner), a three week (well, to be picky about it, an 18 day wait including weekends and holidays) wait for my medication and/or a call back could have been seriously injurious to my health, which would have been rather ironic since they are in the job of trying to keep me healthy!

Even though the Trazodone was prescribed simply to help me sleep, I don’t think that a nearly three week wait for a callback about any medication is appropriate.

I also don’t think it’s appropriate to jump to the conclusion that ‘we didn’t prescribe this for you’ without checking my medical records. Really, would I have called them about the problem if they hadn’t prescribed the medication?

Additionally, I do not have another clinic or doctor that I regularly see unless they have referred me to said clinic/ doctor. So, who would have prescribed the Trazodone for me? The man in the moon, maybe???

I also think if someone is calling me about a medication that they DID actually prescribe that they should KNOW what it was prescribed for.

Robin–the nurse who called–pretended to be concerned about how long I had been off the medication; I say pretended because if she ware really concerned about it she would have called back 1 or 2 days after I originally called them, not almost three weeks later. As it turned out I was only without the Trazodone for a couple of days, not long enough to feel any withdrawal symptoms (not that Robin would have cared, because again if she gave a rip I wouldn’t have gotten the phone call EIGHTEEN DAYS after I contacted Bridges!).

I’m So Happy I Can’t Stand It!!

The sun is shining, I’m just finishing up breakfast at McDonald’s, using their Wi-Fi with my new laptop (I saved up nearly $300.00 in Amazon gift cards and a couple of my friends kicked in enough to push the laptop fund over the top). I bought a wireless Logitech mouse today because I hate the mouse that comes with a laptop.

I also bought a phone today, a Net 10 wireless phone. Now all I need to do is scrounge up enough cash to get airtime cards for it. I love the idea of prepaid phone minutes, mostly because I still owe Credo Mobile over 425.00 for my smartphone.

I particularly appreciate the laptop because I won’t be tied to the Deschutes County Library all the time now. All of our McDonalds (4 I think) have wifi, as does Barnes & Noble, Hawthorne Station, 3 libraries (2 county libraries and the community college library), and 2 Safeway stores.

Don’t have a job yet, but I do have a roommate who’s good 90% of the time (the other 10% I would like to kick her behind to the moon and back, but I remind myself that her money pays ALL of my space rent and leaves $36.00 for me to blow). As of June 16, 2014 the space rent has gone up to $398.00 but that still leaves me a whopping $27.00 to blow every month, mostly on bus passes.

We are planting flowers in the front of the house, sunflowers, marigolds, pansies, and a few others. I plan on planting a garden in the back of the house as well. That will hopefully stretch the old food budget! Speaking of food, I am adding more fruits and vegetables to my diet.

Still riding my bike at least a mile a day, unless it’s snowing. It’s late enough now in the year that we’re mostly getting rain but I’ve seen it snow in July around here (not kidding).

Signing off for now…hope you all are as happy as I am.

Update 11/13/13: Mostly Good News

On November 1, 2013 a friend came to me and told me that she felt “called by God” to pay my space rent. ALL OF MY SPACE RENT……a total of nearly $4000.00m (not joking). My park manager didn’t want to accept the check, because he said I would just get behind again, but the owner of the park overruled him and I am remaining in my house (space rent paid through the end of November). There are some conditions to being “allowed” to stay in my own home (paid for, owned by me) and those are: 1) clean out the carport (already done, and boy does that sucker look nice now LOL), 2) find someone else to do my yard work (the park manager has been doing it since summer of 2012), and 3) I am not allowed to get even one month behind on space rent.

On November 11, 2013 I received a call from the person who has since become my roommate. I had told the community health worker at my medical clinic (Mosaic Medical) that I was looking for a roommate, and this lady had told him she needed a place to live. I am charging $425.00 a month which covers monthly space rent leaving me $36.00 to spare. So now I am going to be able to abide by #3 in the paragraph above.

I have a line on a part time work from job; in fact I am going later today to take some testing for this job. There would be 4-6 weeks of paid training at their offices, and then 20-25 hours a week working from home. I am hoping to get this job.

My cell phone service is currently suspended, but I am waiting to get a plain old cell phone from Assurance Wireless which will be free with 250 minutes a month to use. I also need to figure out how to pay the electricity bill as well as get internet access and a landline phone (these things are all necessary for the job if I get it).

I would like to say thank you to all the people who have helped me get to this point. I am not going to name names, that might cause jealousy, and the people who helped know who they are. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Update Re The Financial Situation

I am being evicted sooner or later. I was unable to come up with the $389.00 x 3 by the deadline set by my park manager (September 30 or October 10).

I am still in the house because the park manager and the park owner don’t seem to realize that they need to have me served (after a judgment is levied against me by the court). My park manager threatened to turn off the electricity to force me out, and I very calmly informed him that Legal Aid told me that the judgment needs to be placed against and that I need to be served. Also, if he does that not only is he legally in the soup but he’s putting my health at risk (I use nocturnal oxygen and a CPAP machine for SEVERE sleep apnea) as well as putting the house at risk from frozen pipes (it’s been in the low to mid 20’s every night here for the last week or so).

Currently I am packing nearly everything I own in boxes from the local liquor store and putting it in storage lockers which I rented with my last paycheck from the late great (and totally unlamented) job as a housekeeper. My park manager is taking the stuff to the storage lockers for me as the only transportation I have is a bike (I can’t see hauling boxes on that ROFL). Re the job: I simply couldn’t physically do the work and I only lasted a week (am looking for other work though).

The ‘eviction sale’ was mostly a bust with only about $150.00 total being sold, but that was better than nothing.

Am trying to round up cash for a new apartment (studio or one bedroom). I do own my house and it is for sale right now, if it sells I will be okay financially for a while.

I currently have an electricity bill of $65.00 due on November 5 2013 and a cell phone bill (for two months ) of $230.00 (my cell phone is my only phone these days, and I am probably going to be getting a free cell phone with 250 free minutes from the state of Oregon to replace the phone I have now).

Any donations will–as usual–be gratefully accepted.

Working Hard at Staying Positive

Job situation looking up.

Every bit of laundry in the house is clean and dry, and every dish, piece of silverware, pot, pan, glass, etc is also clean. Insomnia is my friend. LOL.

Also I can get a cheap laptop on Amazon with the Amazon gift certificates that I’ve been saving up for a new clothes dryer.

Added a Go Fund Me widget and link all over the place. Worth a try.

Go Fund Me Link Worth a try I guess 🙂

Adventures in Electricity

Well, here’s my second post using the phone. I still HATE this keyboard with a passion but at least the phone gives me words based on what I’ve typed (or mistyped, for that matter).

Today I was at Safeway getting cheap dinner and my phone starts ringing. Of cpurse by the time I get it out of my purse the call has gone to voicemail. Luckily the caller was in my contacts and I could call right back.

Amazingly enough it was the credit manager at my utility company (Central Electric Co-op) and she was not calling to tell me that they were going to turn off my electricity (yet anyway).

She and I had talked last Wednesday and she gave me til last Friday to come up with the slightly over $40.00 that I need to keep going with my contract
I’ve been trying to contact a local charity (Willing to Help) since September 5th but it turns put that they aren’t going to be opening again until early October.

The credit manager told me that she had noticed that I was using a CPAP machine and nocturnal oxygen so she had called Neighbor Impact (another local charity) and discussed the situation with them. They told her that they might be able to help me and that I should call them.

So I called Neighbor Impact and left them a message. Hopefully this will work out.

Sorry for any errors in this post–this keyboard is a complete and total pita (and I do NOT mean the bread).

adventures in cleaning land LOL

My first post from the phone!! An LG smartphone powered by Sprint AKA Credo Mobile for those of you that care.

I finally got the vacuum cleaner fixed today and have spent most of the evening vacuuming the dining room, living room, and hallway. I am proud of myself for fixing the vacuum cleaner because I am not handy in the slightest. It had to be fixed though as I am cleaning house eother in prep for a roommate or in prep for selling.

Learned how to access Facebook and the blog using the phone as well. My next phone will have a full keyboard!!

PS vacuum cleaner NOT fixed so I bugged the park manager and he will take a look at it.

Desperately in Need of Financial Help

Things have totally fallen apart since my last post….and now I need $104.00 for the electric bill (by September 10, 2013), I am losing my computer today or tomorrow (it is going back to Aaron’s (Lease to Own) unless I can pull some rabbit out of some hat and come up with $135.00 to make the monthly payment on it, and I am 8-9 months behind on space rent — my mobile home park manager will work with me if I can come up with 3 months of space rent (approximately $1200.00) by the end of September.

I have contacted 2 of 3 charities here in town for help with the electric bill, one can’t help me because they helped me in June, the other one doesn’t have any funding for anything other than food boxes, and the third one took the summer off (they were supposed to be back yesterday, but didn’t answer their phone yesterday morning or afternoon).

My ex-roommate gave notice on June 9, she had actually moved out at that time but much of her belongings remained in my house, and I discovered after she was arrested on July 7 that she had totally trashed the room including clothes, bird seed, bird feathers, and bird poop all over the floor. There are also holes in the wall and a lot of other damage to the room. Cleaning the room and house has been problematic because I have been ill after choking on a pill on July 27 that went into my lungs.

I have lost 3 jobs this summer, 2 online jobs where the work just ran out, and one offline job where I didn’t pass the second week of training (due to the great pill inhalation episode, I had to leave training often because I was coughing my head off and disturbing the other trainees). The offline jobs were not covered by unemployment benefits, and I made too little from the two weeks of training to be eligible for unemployment.

PayPal or Alert Pay (Payza) or Serve donations in any amount would be gratefully accepted. The email address for all of those accounts is

Suggestions on how to come up with the cash I need (other than selling my body, LOL) would also be welcomed. Please understand that I have no money right now so any suggestions involving membership fees will not work for me.