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Fun at Del Taco

Now I’ve been going to this particular Del Taco for at least 4 years.  Most of the drive through people know me by sight if not by name, and they all know me by order.

“Bacon double Del Cheeseburger With No Lettuce, Chips and Salsa, Macho Coke (although sometimes I just get the cheeseburger, and other times I just get the macho coke)

But one day a few weeks ago, there was a new guy in the drive through window.  I was getting a Bacon double Del Cheeseburger With No Lettuce and a Macho Coke, for a total of $4.69   I handed the guy my debit card, its been used so much that my signature has worn off.  He asked for my ID.

Now I have to admit I wasn’t in the greatest of moods to begin with, and I wasn’t sure where my drivers license was (I knew it was in my purse somewhere).  After a few minutes of looking I said “just give me back my debit card and lets forget this”  and I drove down the street to Burger King where they didn’t care about the signature or lack thereof on my debit card.

I’m all for preventing identity theft. I shred personal documents and I cut up old credit/debit cards.  I take the mailing labels off magazines if I am recycling them.

But really, if you stole somebody’s debit card would you rush right off to Del Taco just to buy a bacon cheeseburger and a coke?  I DON’T THINK SO.

This idiocy gets even better though.  A few days after the great cheeseburger debacle, I am in the same drive through lane just getting a macho coke this time.  My luck, I get the same intelligence challenged guy, and yes he wants my ID for a lousy $1.69 coke.  Its the cheapest large coke in town so I grudgingly gave him my ID.

I haven’t seen this guy since.  I wonder if he asked for ID from the wrong person………

And even more fun with banks …….

So I am hurting financially.  I login to my Wells Fargo accounts where I see that the last remaining shares of Ebay in my Wells Fargo Roth IRA account has gone up quite a bit in value so I decide to sell.

Of course Wells Fargo gets their pound of flesh ($19.95) with the fee for the sale.  But that was NOTHING compared to the screwing they had in store for me when I tried to transfer my whopping $204.00 (net proceeds) to my checking account.

I fill out the form, hit enter and get “you are not able to complete this transfer online because it would lower the balance beyond the point necessary to cover account fees.”  So I call them and find out there’s a $75.00 early termination fee if I withdraw all the money, plus another $30.00 fee for ‘a custodial fee.’

And they could care less about my financial situation, they have to have their pound of flesh, irregardless of the fact that they already got the fees for the stocks I’ve sold.  They can’t even be bothered to pretend they are sympathetic to my situation

I say “whatever”, hang up, and try transferring the whopping $99.00 of MY money that I am ‘allowed’ to have.  No go, same message. I reduced the amount to transfer to $97.00, still no joy in Mudville.

So I call them again.  They have to complete the transfer for me, supposedly because the sale of the stock isn’t settling until today. WHATEVER…….just transfer my money for pete’s sake!!

I wish I could say that I will never do business with Wells Fargo again.  But the personnel at my branch are GREAT, they are helpful, some of them know my name, they are sympathetic to my situation and have waived fees for me when I needed to get cashiers checks or money orders.

I will say this much: I won’t do business with Wells Fargo Brokerage again.  I’m sure that other brokerage firms have lower fees.  And while they may not be any more sympathetic to their customers problems, maybe they would at least be able to pretend a little better.

Am I going to give Wells Fargo Investments (any stripe) another chance to screw me over?……..I DON’T THINK SO!!

Fun with Banks (sarcasm intended)

Sometimes I wonder if I have a virtual sign on my forehead stating “please do screw me over.”

I’ve been trying to transfer money from Emigrant Direct to Wells Fargo for about 6 weeks now.  The Emigrant Direct account was linked to a closed Wells Fargo account, so I had to get it linked to the new Wells Fargo account.  I called them twice, they will not send money to the non-linked account.  They need this silly form and my printer won’t work.  So I ask that they mail me the form….3-5 business days.  Okay fine.

I get the form and fill it out.  Of course, they won’t accept faxes, they will accept emails BUT they didn’t tell me that.  I mail off this form on 8-5-2009.  I hear nothing but I was also told that the verification with Wells Fargo could take up to 3 weeks.  Finally on Monday 8-24-2009 I call them again, only to be told “Oh we don’t send those forms to Wells Fargo, Wells Fargo charges us $20.00 for each account verification, and oh by the way we told you this on 8-10-2009.”

Yeah, they had told me alright……a notice placed in my account customer service area ONLY. No contact to phone number(s) or email address(es) of which they had many to choose from.

“Thank you for mailing in your Wells Fargo voided check and bank verification form. Emigrant Direct policy has been to send out bank authorization forms when our customers wish to set up an additional funding account. One exception is Wells Fargo. Because they are now charging a $20.00 fee per verification form, we are no longer mailing out the forms to Wells Fargo. In lieu of the bank authorization form, we now request that customers send in a current bank statement from the checking account that they wish to add. Once received, we can complete your additional funding account verification. Please keep in mind, we need to see: the title holders, account number & type and the name of the bank. We do not need to view any financial information. You may blank out any financial information, if you wish. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will hold on to your voided check until you mail the statement to the address below: Emigrant Direct Attn: Acct Fulfillment Dept 13 Croton Ave Ossining NY 10562 or email to: (as a pdf file from email address on record) Thank you”

Why do I have a problem with this?  My bank accounts (both old and new) have ALWAYS been Wells Fargo accounts.  You cannot tell me that this policy was put in place between the time I requested the form be mailed to me and the time they received the form.  So the (incompetent) customer service people at Emigrant Direct wasted my time (filling out the form) AND they wasted my money (for postage to mail it in).

I’m not proud of the fact that I screamed an obscenity at the customer service person right before I hung up on him.  On the other hand, you would think that the money in MY account was actually THEIR money the way they were hanging on to it!!

My free version of Adobe only allows reading PDF documents, not creating them. And since I get my Wells Fargo statements online, my assumption was that I was going to have to go to my branch and PAY for a copy of my most recent statement.  I got lucky in that my online statements are PDF documents, so all I needed to do was download the latest statement to my flash drive and then send an email with the PDF statement attached to Emigrant Direct.

My money was transferred into my Wells Fargo account this morning. My gratitude is heavily tempered by the fact I could have had that money in the account THREE FULL WEEKS AGO if not before if it hadn’t been for extreme incompetence on the part of Emigrant Direct.

Am I ever going to do business with Emigrant Direct again?………I DON’T THINK SO

Adventures in Stupidity

And for all those politically correct poobahs out there….the post you are about to read involves my stupidity only.  I figure it’s acceptable to call myself stupid, or at the very least bone-headed.

I went to a family picnic that was a 2 1/2 hour drive away (one way).  I didn’t get lost finding the place which is a minor miracle as I am seriously directionally challenged.  With a little help (read: nagging LOL) from an online friend, I didn’t even forget anything that I had planned on taking with me.

I had a great time.  There was lots of good food and lots of good conversation.  I hadn’t seen several of these people since the picnic in 2007, and the others I either hadn’t seen since the 2008 picnic or I had never met them at all.

I left for Bend about 4:00 pm and I was 15 minutes away from home when I realized  that my purse had enjoyed the picnic even more than I did.  It enjoyed the picnic so much that it stayed behind when I left.

I called my cousins’ cell phone from the truck.  I got an answering machines recording that says if you want to leave a message call another number.  Who has a pen to write down the other number?  Not me, all of my pens are in the purse.

So I say the heck with it, I will call them again when I get home, and since I have the worlds largest supply of writing instruments I can easily write the other number down then.

I called again as soon as I got in the door and reached a real live person this time.  He located my purse on the deck, big as life and twice as nasty; he agreed to drop it in the mail on Monday.

To add even more idiocy to the story: I spelled my last name out for him.  What’s idiotic about that?? I did mention didn’t I that this was a FAMILY picnic….. of course he already knew how to spell my last name.

Oh well, the lack of debit card and drivers’ license will give me even more time to clean house.  Why?

1) I shouldn’t drive without my drivers license

2) without my debit card I can’t pay for my fast food addiction!

Am I going to let my purse out of my sight ever again?…….I DON’T THINK SO.

brown goo and other horror stories

So that we are all on the same page: I am a certified slob.  A former landlord asked me if I actually KNEW how to turn on a vacuum cleaner.  No, that isn’t a joke…..he really said that.

I am also lazy.

Between the slob and the lazy my house is a total disaster area, only FEMA will NOT come in and declare it eligible for federal funds ……so I have to clean it all myself (am I whining?  YES!!)

My aunt is coming to visit the end of the month so I’ve been cleaning house all month (hey, I’m slow and lazy as well as being a slob).  And while there have been a few pleasant surprises along the way (finding things I didn’t even know were here, finding things I thought were lost forever) there have also been some really disgusting ones.

1) Renuzit air fresheners — the ones shaped like little rounded tepees — have a tendency to melt a bit if not used.  Of course I found this out when one of them dripped on my hand. On the bright side, I smelled good for a few hours (or at least my hands did).

2) Brown goo in the bottom of a bucket…..bucket was moved from Beaverton, Oregon to Bend, Oregon in October 2005.

Contents were not examined until today.  Personally, I could have gone the rest of my life without examining that bucket and its contents.

The melted sample size of Lever soap shouldn’t have created that much of a mess, so I have to assume something else brown, nasty, and gross was in that bucket and spread its slimy little tentacles all over everything.  The contents of the bucket (other than a fork, and don’t ask me how a piece of silverware got in the bucket, I haven’t a clue) have been thrown away.

The infamous bucket with what remains of the brown goo sits in my bathtub full of water.  I’m assuming the bubbles are coming from the remains of the soap.  The fork sits in my kitchen sink soaking too.

Am I ever going to wait this long to clean house again?……..I DON’T THINK SO.

Mick’s Pic :)

so here he is in all his orange glory


Adventures in Job Hunting

Today was the day I had to go to Kinko’s to print out an application for a state of Oregon  job, two supplemental documents, and a fax cover sheet.

The plan was to get there at 8:00 am, as one of the supplemental documents had to be faxed and the deadline was today.

The actuality was I got there about 11:00 am. I’m actually happy I didn’t crawl out of bed at the crack of dawn because when I did actually arrive at their front door they were closed due to a power outage.  At least going to Kinko’s wasn’t the only scheduled stop for my day.

So then I have the smart idea to go to the Deschutes County library and use their computers.  Well, it would have been a smart idea if only their computers would have been able to read the documents I needed to print out from my flash drive.  The  bright side was that I got some exercise walking up and down the stairs to the computer area.

Next step: come home and look in the phone book for copy shops.  Now that idea turned out to be the best and brightest idea I’ve had in a long long long time. I might even go so far as to call it a ‘brilliant’ idea.

I had used Lazerquick when I lived in the Portland area, I didn’t even know we had one here in Bend…but there they were in the phone book big as life LOL. The first great thing was that they are a little over a mile away from me (Kinko’s is 5-7 miles away one way)

I decided to save myself some grief by calling Lazerquick to see if they had internet access for their customers like Kinko’s does.  They didn’t, but they were willing to print my documents off of my flash drive for me.

So I get there, I didn’t even get lost–this ranks right up there as a miracle as I am severely directionally challenged–and give the nice lady my flash drive.  She prints out my documents (11 pages altogether) from her computer and charges me 77 cents (7 cents per page).

And here’s the best part:  If I had been able to go to Kinko’s (5-7 mile drive one way) the copies would have cost me $5.39 (49 cents per page) PLUS computer time ($12.00 per hour)

Am I going to be using Kinko’s for printing or copying again?………I DON’T THINK SO


Mick The Morose

Well, you would be morose too if your former owners called you FISH STICK.  Really, who names a cat “FISH STICK?!!”

His first official actions upon meeting me were to accidentally scratch me in the bosom area and then to hiss at me.  But once I got him home, he decided this fat old lady wasn’t too bad, and the eats were great (he gained 2 pounds from the time I adopted him until the time I took him for his first vet exam, as the vet tech said “Mick hasn’t missed any meals”).

Mick has continued to ‘not miss meals’ as he now weighs close to 17 pounds.  Do I think I’m going to put him on a diet any time soon?  I feel he will be the cat from hades if I even try so…….I DON’T THINK SO.

Mick is large, orange, and can be very demanding when he feels he hasn’t received his fair share of petting.

And did I mention he has a plastic fetish?  Anything, and I do mean anything, that is plastic is fair game for him.  Drink cup lids (he will carry the domed ones around in his mouth), plastic grocery sacks, the strips of plastic that seal food such as Breyer’s ice cream… name it he chews it.  Oh yes he’s also been known to try to carry off candy bar wrappers and has played with double A batteries!!

Its interesting being owned by cats

I lost my last cat (Noelle aka ChairCat) in November 2006.  And every time I mentioned getting a replacement cat, my father (with whom I lived) gave me an extremely dirty look (no words needed).

Was I going to get another cat any time soon?…..I DON’T THINK SO.

In December 2007, my father passed away.

On March 31, 2008 I decided it was time to get not one but two cats.  So I go to the Humane Society animal shelter.  I see this gorgeous large orange cat (poor thing had been called Fish Stick by his previous owners) and a smaller gray tabby (both males……more on that a bit later).

The introduction of the cats to me and to each other goes fairly well other than Fish Stick (now called Mick) accidentally clawing me in the bosom area. So the decision is made, I will adopt both cats.

What I didn’t know at the time was that the small gray cat was quite literally a pisser (Percy the Pisser to be literal about it). That darn cat pissed on my bed (twice, down to the mattress), on my purse, in Mick’s face, in the heating vents, anywhere but in his litter box.  I knew males were territorial but these two were fixed…..right???

Finally after 2 months, I said enough is enough and took him to the vet.  The vet tech says as they are taking a urine sample…..this smells like boy pee.  Apparently uncut (non-neutered) male cat pee smells different (worse)  than the pee of neutered males.

Do I want a job where I have to tell the difference between the two?……..I DON’T THINK SO!!

So they do a nice expensive test to see if Percy is still producing testosterone.  He is….so we schedule a nice expensive surgery to remove his testicles (which had never descended and therefore had never been removed when he was neutered).

It’s been over a year since his surgery.  He’s had ONE accident since then.  And he’s much nicer, sweeter, more loving than he used to be. I know some males who could maybe benefit from the same surgery Percy had ……… ROFLMAO!!

Morose Mick will get his own blog post a bit later.  Don’t tell him that Percy got the first post, he’s already jealous as all get out.

So my first blog entry………

AFLAC….a reputable company.  Yes.

One of its local representatives…..I don’t think so.

This interview I was supposed to have with the to-be-unnamed Aflac representative…….was a farce from beginning to end.

From the time I first emailed my resume to him, it took 12 emails over the course of 10 days to finally get an interview.   He never specified where the interview would be until almost 11:00 pm on the night before the interview was scheduled, and that was after having to email him yet again to confirm that the interview had even been set up in the first place.

So finally I have the interview confirmed and instructions on how to get there.  I get up early, shower, wash my hair, all the normal “getting ready for an interview” types of things.  At 2:30 pm I leave to go to the interview (which was at 3:00 pm).

First off he also never told me that the office was on the second floor.  I find it anyway, but it doesn’t matter since the office was locked and dark.  I thought maybe I had the wrong office, so I wandered around and found someone who told me “oh no, you were at the right office the first time around.”

I go back up to the second floor, office is still dark and locked.  I sit on the stairs in oh 90 degree heat waiting for Andre to show up.  He never showed up.  He never called me.  He never emailed me.

Am I impressed with Andre?  ………. I DON’T THINK SO.

Will I apply for another job with AFLAC?……..I DON’T THINK SO.