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I Think I Will Stick With Papa Johns

I am addicted to pizza. Now that I have no transportation I generally order online from Papa John’s (partially because they have great pizza and partially because I get an emailed discount code almost every day). And because I order so often, all of the Papa John delivery drivers know where I live.

Today however I wanted Pizza Hut’s pizza rollers. I also found out that they carry my favorite (and most unhealthy) soda: Mountain Dew (and not that diet crap either! LOL).

I went online to and I ordered a side of pizza rollers with no sauce, a large pan pizza (Veggie Lovers), and the smaller size of Mountain Dew. Almost as soon as the order was sent, I got a phone call from my local Pizza Hut telling me that they only had the 2 liter size of Mountain Dew. I said that was fine and we agreed that I would just give the driver the extra dollar that the 2 liter size of Mountain Dew was going to cost.

My order was scheduled to show up at 5:20. At 6:00 pm I get a call from the delivery driver that he can’t find my address.

All of a sudden I remembered one of the main reasons I stopped using Pizza Hut in the first place: they would try to deliver my pizzas, sides, desserts, drinks, etc to the other side of town. Apparently there is a mobile home park called Century Drive Mobile Home Park at 141 SW 15th Street, while my mobile home park (Suntree Village) is at 1001 SE 15th Street. The two mobile home parks are 3+ miles from each other.

When I used to call in the orders (rather than order online) nearly every time they would hear SUNTREE as CENTURY. I personally don’t see the similarity of the two names.

I gave the delivery driver the usual information: on SOUTHEAST 15th between Reed Market Road and Wilson Avenue, turn at the main Suntree entrance where there is a huge pine tree and a Suntree Village sign, (I discovered later today that this sign also has the address on it which is germane to what the driver said when he actually delivered my food), go up the hill and turn right into the first cul-de-sac.

What really frosted my behind was when the driver got here–over 30 minutes late–there was NO apology. In fact, he tried to blame the whole mess on me and he had the nerve to say is 1001 SE 15th Street REALLY your address? Well considering I’ve received my mail at 1001 SE 15th STREET UNIT 122 for almost 6 years now I would say that it is REALLY my address.

Perhaps if he doesn’t know his way around Bend, he should find another job. And if he does know his way around Bend, he should learn to treat paying customers with courtesy–and take responsibility for his own actions.

To add insult to injury, of course my food was barely warm. And my Mountain Dew certainly wasn’t cold. It was warm enough that I gave up and drank the Diet Coke that I already had in the refrigerator.

I walked to the corner store a couple hours after the pizza debacle. I am in bad physical shape–and coughed most of the way to the store–so on the way back from the store I sat on a flat rock that is under the big pine tree. That was when I noticed that the address of the park is on the Suntree Village sign (the very sign where I told mr. rocket scientist rude pizza delivery man to turn). I guess in addition to being rude and incompetent, he either cannot or will not read!

I can’t help but compare this lousy customer service from Pizza Hut with the local Papa John’s store. They brought me regular Coke twice when I had ordered diet–the first time they went to the store up the street and bought me Diet Coke. The second time they sent the driver back out to my house with Diet Coke and we exchanged bottles. Both times they apologized profusely.

Traffic Blues

So today was one very busy day. I worked for 2 hours and then spent the rest of the day running around. In my case, ‘running around’ involves several short walks and numerous buses.

Pedestrians seem to be lower than pond scum here, even though Bend prides itself on its ‘green’ attitudes.

I have come to the conclusion over the last few months that a lot of the drivers in Bend, Oregon are inconsiderate (at best) and total idiots (at worst). Some I might even say appear to enjoy terrorizing pedestrians. Obeying traffic laws…..hmmm that appears to be a total joke too.

This rant has been brewing for a while.

On August 1 2011 I was on the #6 route Bend Area Transit bus on Reed Market Road, waiting for it to turn onto SE 15th Street.

Some idiot (and that is one total insult to other idiots!) decided the bus was in his way. He/she/idiot pulled around the bus (the bus was not over to the side of the road, the bus was in its proper lane) and then had to cut right back into traffic in front of the bus to avoid a head-on collision with westbound traffic.

The bus driver had to slam on the brakes not once but twice. I was sitting in the first row behind the wheelchair seats (which were down rather than up) and I was leaning forward because my grocery bags were sliding. I almost went face first into the wheelchair seats both times. And if the wheelchair seats had been in the up position I would have gone face first onto the floor of the bus. Bus floors are not soft landing spots, buses are made mostly of metal LOL. For that matter, bus seats are not soft landing spots if you go face first into them either! Can we say CONCUSSION, boys and girls? I am pleased to say that the bus driver got the license number of the idiot and reported him.

The bicycle riders on SE 3rd Street aren’t much better when it comes to pedestrians. Most of the ones I saw on SE 3rd Street today were riding on the sidewalk (which is NOT legal here in Bend unless they are *delivering newspapers or other business messages*–which these people were NOT) and were furious with me because (OMG) I was sitting on the sidewalk waiting for a bus. There are shoulders/bike lanes for these people to ride in, and I couldn’t even see if the bus was coming due to an overgrown shrub in front of A Greener Cleaner without either standing up (for darn near 40 minutes) or sitting on the sidewalk.

Insisting on riding a bike on a sidewalk whether or not there is a clearly marked bike lane or shoulder is not only insensitive to the needs of the pedestrian population, it may well be illegal.

Well maybe Bend Area Transit aka Cascades East Transit could put some seats (similar to the one at the stop near the Shell gas station on Hwy 27) at all the stops so pedestrians who are waiting for a bus would have a place to sit other than the sidewalk, but that isn’t really germane to THIS rant!

What amazes me though is that the bicycle riders on 15th street use the bike lanes and are much friendlier towards pedestrians (they say hi to me, they wave at me, they don’t give me dirty looks)

Almost everyone in a car, truck, SUV, etc on SE 3rd Street was speeding and/or tailgating. And lets not talk about the people who are STILL talking on their cell phones while driving despite the horrendous accident that took the life of a 16 year old boy.

I also jaywalked across SE 3rd Street today. I was going to Mountain High Coins and Collectibles to sell some coins (got $13.35 for those of you who care ROFL!) and there’s a bus stop directly across the street from them but the nearest crosswalk was 3 blocks back (Wilson and 3rd, Dutch Bros, Del Taco, Arby’s, Hong Kong Chinese restaurant).

I waited until the northbound traffic cleared, walked to the (empty) turn lane, and waited again for the southbound traffic to clear. So I am not perfect, but my ‘crime’ didn’t endanger anybody but myself (unlike the bicyclists and motorists mentioned in the rest of this post), and I did it intelligently if you ask me.

Then there was the person on the street leading out of Fred Meyers (the corner where Sterling Savings, Elite Fitness and Education, and Taco Time are) that thought he had the right to be in the crosswalk (he was making a right turn onto SE 3rd the Taco Time side of the street) even though I had the right of way (pushed that button and got the silver walk signal! I am a law-abiding pedestrian most of the time). I will give him this much: when he saw me start walking across the street he backed up so he was out of the crosswalk (otherwise I would have either had to walk on SE 3rd Street itself or go behind him).

Too bad for me but lucky for him that the crosswalk enforcement mentioned in the article below wasn’t in effect

But that’s nothing compared to the rocket scientist at the corner of SE 15th Street and the main entrance of Suntree Mobile Park (where I live).

There is a bus stop at Bronzewood and SE 15th Street that is a 5-10 minute walk from my house. It is on the opposite side of the street from the manufactured home park where I live so I was standing slightly off the sidewalk on the side of the road (in the bike lane, or on the shoulder, whichever terminology you prefer). I have done this numerous times before today with no problem, and I always wait until traffic–in both directions–has totally cleared before crossing the street.

Yes, again I am technically jaywalking. So???? The cops can arrest me (*maybe anyway*) as well as the bicyclists that insist on riding on the sidewalk since all of us are breaking the law (again maybe I am and maybe I’m not, as the [admittedly limited] research I’ve done shows that Oregon doesn’t have jaywalking laws). I have contacted the Bend police department to get clarification on the jaywalking and biking on the sidewalk issues.

Received this from the Bend Police Department today

Jaywalking. Pedestrians should try to cross the streets at intersections only. However there is no State or City Code stating they can’t cross in the middle. Crossing against a red light may result in a cite.

Sidewalks. Depends on who and how. There is no bike riding on core downtown sidewalks. In other areas the age, ability and reasons must be considered. In any event riders must give pedestrians the right of way.

Since I don’t want to die or even get slightly injured in a MVA (motor vehicle accident) I always stand well back from the traffic–especially as most of the traffic on this stretch of 15th street is NOT respecting the speed limit.

This — I can’t think of what I want to call him — made a point of getting as close to me as he possibly could without actually hitting me. What I find the most odd about this is that when he got up to the turn into the Expressway gas station/convenience store/car wash/espresso stand he was properly back in the lane, almost in the middle of the lane–since he was making that turn into the parking lot, he could have continued riding in the bike lane or on the white line that demarcates the bike lane. I think either he was driving under the influence of something (drugs or alcohol) or he deliberately terrorized me.

I think perhaps I would be safer walking up 15th to Reed Market and crossing at the light there. However, idiots will be idiots — and I don’t like feeling penalized when I did nothing wrong.

I have a bad case of pedestrian RAGE!

Adventures in Roommate Land

Well, it appears that my new roommate (lets call him Andrew–not his real name) is passive-aggressive and a liar. Can I pick em or what? And this man had excellent references!

Adventures in Lawn Care

Clear back in July when he came to look at the house, it was mentioned that the *park manager* wanted the roommate (if male) to take over responsibility for mowing the **lawn**. The roommate agreed to that condition; he even asked what kind of lawn mower there was.

*The park manager who lives across the street from us had been mowing the lawn from summer 2008 through summer 2011*
** This is a small lawn, probably at most 1/2 an hour to mow the entire yard**

Andrew moved in on August 1 2011. It is now September 5 2011 and the lawn should have been mowed a minimum of 4 times since that date. How many times has it been mowed? ZERO ZILCH NADA NOTHING.

I have mentioned this lawn and the need for mowing it at least once a week over the last 5 weeks (three times in the last three days alone). I have not nagged (really) I have just asked that he mow the lawn as we had agreed. Andrew even said that as a landscape/lawn person he was aware that the lawn looked bad (there is clover growing in at least two areas, weeds are sprouting under the pine trees, and the grass is at least 4 times longer than it should be).

The pictures below are of my house (inside and outside) and yard as of July 9 2011

The park manager even put the lawn mower in my carport so it would be easier for Andrew to find it and hopefully use it.

There was one excuse after another as to why he couldn’t mow the lawn. The grass was too wet when he got home from work every day (NOT, the sprinkler system is set to every other day so that I don’t violate the city watering ordinance). He was too tired when he got home from work (about 6:30 am). He had other plans. It was too hot. It was going to rain.

So finally on Friday September 2 2011 I get a letter from Larry (the park manager) stating that I had until September 8 2011 to bring the yard up to the park standards; even though there was not a lawn installed until the summer of 2008, maintaining the outside appearance of the manufactured home is in the contract which I signed 4 years ago (in 2007) after my father died.

It was also made clear to me verbally and in the letter that if Larry had to mow the lawn, I would be charged $40.00 per mow (approximately $160.00 per month). I normally bring home $80.00 per week so I would be paying 2 weeks salary for having the lawn mowed for a month.

Since Andrew had agreed to mow the lawn when I showed him the house in mid-July and then again repeatedly from August 1 through September 2, I taped the letter to his bedroom door and went off to my doctors appointment. I got home about 6:30 pm and the letter was no longer on his door; I confirmed later that he’d received it and read it. I also made sure that he knew there would be a $40.00 charge for each mow if the park manager had to do them.

He said he would mow the lawn on Sunday September 4 or Monday September 5 since he had a three day weekend (Labor Day). It is 7:44 pm on Monday September 5 and the lawn did not get mowed despite my mentioning it at least twice over the weekend.

Yes I could have mowed the yard myself. However, Andrew agreed to mow it numerous times over the last month. Its almost the only thing I’ve asked him to do since he moved in; not to mention that it was at least 30 years ago the last time I mowed any yard!

I finally went over to the office this evening and asked Larry if there was someone in the park that I could hire to mow the lawn.

I would rather pay $10.00-$15.00 a week (whatever it costs) than stress out over whether or not Andrew is going to mow the damn thing (I would say based on recent history that he would mow it when and if hell freezes over!!). And $10.00-$15.00 a week is way less than $40.00 a week isn’t it now?

I would have paid Andrew to mow the yard but IMO that would be rewarding him for his passive-aggressive behavior and also would set a very bad precedent.

Also, if I have to nag, gently remind, whatever somebody for 6 weeks to do something I might as well be married!!

Adventures in (NOT) Telling the Truth

Every ad I wrote up for the room or posted online said no smoking, social drinking okay (see example below)

Andrew saw one of those ads (I think it was the Craig’s List ad) and when he called about the room he said he smoked a pipe and drank rarely.

Both statements have turned out to be either partially true or totally untrue.

He smoked a pipe for the first 2-3 weeks and now smokes cigarettes. Cigarette smoke smells much worse to me than pipe smoke does. I am so relieved that I insisted that he smoke outside especially now that he has stopped smoking the pipe.

And he will be smoking outside–no matter what he smokes–even when its below zero here, it is not a negotiable issue due to my health issues. Maybe he doesn’t understand that pulmonary emboli are very serious health issues, but I sure as hell understand that in a very personal way (6 weeks on oxygen, 3 days in the hospital, a year and counting on blood thinners)

I knew he was drinking (and not just ‘rarely’) before I found the proof in the carport this afternoon. My father and stepfather were alcoholics and I know what malt liquor (beer and near beer) smells like. But the proof of the pudding was the huge garbage bag (more like a 39 gallon lawn and leaf bag) 1/2 full of beer cans and pop bottles in the carport. Mind you I am NOT saying that Andrew is an alcoholic, I am just saying that he does more than ‘social drinking.’

It’s just too bad for Andrew I decided to work in the carport today (Larry is unhappy with the Rubbermaid tote boxes CatName=Storage&SubcatId=Roughneck&Prod_ID=RP091418 in the carport and on the back porch–there are at least 30 of them–so I am moving them to where they are less noticeable).

I don’t even mind so much that he is drinking but I do mind that he lied about it. A friend mentioned that he probably would have said anything to get out of his former living situation (the local homeless shelter). That is probably true but the thing about being a good liar is you have to remember what you said to who.

I also think he feels that since he is paying 93% of the space rent that he shouldn’t be expected to do anything else. I would be happier though if he had said in July or August or September I will not mow the yard ever. That way I would have known upfront and could have talked with Larry (and/or hired somebody else to mow it) before it got so bad.

I’m trying to let go of the stress around all of this because its not good for my health. Part of me is very disappointed that I can’t ask Andrew to do anything (even though he is a handyman) and expect that he will do it. The other part of me says, now that you know that he’s not reliable ask Larry or hire it done.

At least the cats like him. I don’t dislike him myself, I am just frustrated and disappointed.

Which one is it?

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So you are both spammers BUT either it opens fast or slow. It CANNOT open both fast and slow at the same time. They are mutually exclusive terms.

So make up your mind little spammers and get your stories straight (and stick to them). Is it opening FAST or SLOW? Enquiring minds want to know (not really — really this enquiring mind wants you to go spam some other blog!)

My Bed is a NO FLY ZONE……but

I just simply cannot convince the resident cats of 2 salient facts

1) It is MY bed, not theirs. I read on Facebook that wherever a cat chooses to sleep belongs to the cat, not to the staff.

2) Now if I could convince the little darlings (13 pounds and 20 pounds respectively) of number 1 above I would still need to convince them that said bed is a NO FLY zone. I hear you shaking your head and saying WTF is a no fly zone? Let me explain!

Twice now I have been landed on by a flying (and ticked off) cat. The thing is that when these landings occurred I was in MY BED (see number 1 above) innocently trying to sleep.

You might think–or even say –what is so bad about being landed on by a flying cat? Even if you were asleep, you could just brush the cat away (or shout at him) and go back to sleep.

This cat flies with claws out, hissing, and yowling. So far I have ended up with puncture wounds on my left leg and on the right side of my head (my friends–and even some of my enemies–would tell you that I have enough holes in my head already without adding punctures from a pissed off cat!)

Adding to the general enjoyment (NOT) of the situation are 2 additional facts:

1) the cat in question last had his nails trimmed during summer…………2008 (that’s right boys and girls, THREE years ago) and the cat staff was not the trimmer. She doesn’t have a death wish! Oh no when Percy the Pisser went in for his test to see why he was spraying all over the place the vet techs trimmed his claws in self-defense.

2) the staff of the aforementioned cat takes blood thinners. I think we can all see where this is going and it is not good for the staff (nor is it good for anyone with virgin ears as the cat staff tends to be a bit ….. salty…..shall we say?)

The occasional scratch on my shoulders –this cat loves my shoulders– is an occupational hazard (the occupation being cat lover and cat staff). I don’t include the flying cat using me for landing practice in this category.

Perhaps I should start sleeping with the squirt bottle?

And now for the view from the peanut gallery (namely one gray cat named Percy): MEOW!!

Thank You Ever So Much (NOT!!)

Thank you ever so much for making my yard sale a complete and total financial disaster.

I guess you just had to schedule your move into your house (across the street from me) on the very same day that there was a very well-publicized park-wide yard sale.

I will grant you that the yard sale would have been somewhat slow anyway. With the weather being so great after such a long cool spell people want to do other things.

But the traffic congestion caused by your numerous vehicles (3-4 at a minimum) and the HUGE U-haul truck (in addition to my Chevrolet S-10 being out on the street since I am trying to sell it!) made the situation even worse.

People were totally turned off at the very thought of coming down my street after that huge U-Haul truck ensconced itself right across the street from my truck — and the few that chanced it usually ended up with problematical parking. Nobody even wanted to WALK or BICYCLE up my street!

I heard you apologize to one of my customers because your vehicle was in their way. Did you ever think of apologizing to ME?—since it was MY yard sale you turned into a complete and total financial disaster.

Last year I made $650.00 over the two days of the same park-wide yard sale. I knew that I would make much less this year since I have fewer things to sell, however I was thinking I would make $50.00 at least.

Today I have made $10.75 and unless my truck sells I doubt that I will make much more than that. Nobody even saw my truck for half the day (the U-Haul rather blinded them to anything else, especially if they were driving a larger vehicle themselves) — so its probably a good thing I renewed the Craigs List posting for it.

So lets see, for that whopping $10.75 I moved my work schedule back 2 hours (from 9:00–11:00 am) and spent most of what time I had left either setting up for the yard sale or talking to the few customers I had.

I got no sleep last night, made no money today, and basically am thoroughly cheesed off with the whole situation!

Let Go….and Let God

or Buddha or Yahweh or Jehovah or whoever you believe in!

I have been stressing like crazy over money, no transportation, underemployment, etc. Last night I plain hit the wall after receiving an email from Dish Network that my contract with them had been ended due to non-payment.

At first my reaction was “I don’t care” which really wasn’t true. Then I realized something: I don’t have the money to pay them, I will not have the money to pay them in the near future, and really–for my mental health I have to NOT care. I simply cannot expend more physical or emotional energy on this if nothing will change.

So after letting go and letting God… I got a nibble on my room for rent ( and 3 nibbles on my truck for sale ( When I went out to the truck to check the miles on it (155,420) the sucker actually started and I drove around for a few minutes. I had assumed that it had died for good months ago. I have to say that I still don’t trust it and will still be selling it.

Rant start (warning warning LOL)

And by the way, if you are interested in the truck but think that $4500.00 is a bit much to ask for a truck that may or may not run……Kelly Blue Book value is $4700.00 in a private sale (not trade in with a dealer) for this model with these features and mileage (doesn’t include the canopy as it was aftermarket anyway). Fixing it (a new voltage regulator) would cost $50.00 or so if you do the work yourself and probably $200.00–$250.00 if you have a mechanic do it.

I researched everything before I put it up for sale. Being female doesn’t automatically mean being intelligence-challenged when it comes to car values, the cost of parts, and the cost of mechanic labor. The price is negotiable but please don’t insult my intelligence with a really lowball offer!

Rant over. We now return you to your regularly scheduled whining. LOL.

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Bronze 2000 Chevrolet S-10 extended cab pickup truck with canopy, cd player, am/fm radio, automatic transmission, cup holder, air conditioning.

Does not run at this time because it needs a new voltage regulator. Body and interior in excellent condition.

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Excellent Customer Service, Version II

Grocery shopping is supposed to be relatively quick and painless. In this case it was neither.

First, I have no transportation so each time I need to go to the grocery store I either need to cadge a ride from a friend or take the bus. Coming home with huge bags of groceries –and walking 5-10 minutes from the bus stop across the street from my house–makes me feel like a old out-of-shape pack mule.

It’s inconvenient too to carry my purse as well as the shopping bags, so I have gotten in the habit of dumping what I need (most often I need my bus pass, PayPal debit card, Wells Fargo debit card, Oregon Trail food stamp card, Oregon drivers’ license, and Safeway Club discount card) into the bottom of one of my shopping bags.

I’ve never had any problems when doing this until yesterday. Yesterday I had the bus pass in one pocket and my Wells Fargo debit card, Oregon Trail food stamp card, and Safeway Club discount card in my other pocket; my drivers license and the PayPal debit card were still in the bottom of the bag.

The checker asked me when she opened my bag to start putting groceries into it if I needed my drivers license (in retrospect, I find it suspicious that she only mentioned the drivers license!) and of course I said no.

Tuesday July 5 I needed to renew and transfer one of my domains from Bulk Register to Go Daddy. Bulk Register charges $19.95 per year and Go Daddy charged $7.67 to transfer (and extend for a year free).

I paid Go Daddy with the PayPal debit card since I am doing my level best to leave the Wells Fargo checking account alone or at least not to hit it with online activities.

The payment to Go Daddy was the only time I had actually physically used my PayPal debit card since June 23 (I’d purchased dinner at Safeway on that date). The other activities on the PayPal account were transfers from my free PayPal account and an automatic monthly payment to a traffic exchange that I upgraded at; neither of these activities required use of the card.

Yesterday I came home from shopping and had a message from PayPal on my answering machine regarding the activity on the account. I failed to write down the phone number which turned out to be a bad idea as we had a 2 hour power outage last night which caused everything on my answering machine to be completely wiped out.

I was also irritated thinking that PayPal was playing God with MY money.

I noticed this morning (July 6) that the payment to Go Daddy was still pending and got all irritated with PayPal so I called them.

They wanted to confirm the last 4 transactions on the account.

1) an automatic payment to Bulk Register which I had authorized 11 months ago; I didn’t want that payment to go through as I was transferring the domain in question to Go Daddy

2) the payment to Go Daddy which I had initiated and did want to go through ASAP

3) $2.10 to Redbox ( which I hadn’t made. I don’t have a working DVD player so why would I be renting DVDs?

4) $213.69 to Sears Roebuck. I don’t shop at Sears after what they did to me regarding a few job applications ( and Furthermore, even if I did shop at Sears its 4.53 miles one way to the nearest Sears store from my house (and as stated above, I still don’t have transportation other than shanks mare –walking–or the bus). Besides that, I had a whopping $22.32 in the account at the time.

My card has been closed. I tried to apply for another one and they declined it (after several tries because it wouldn’t recognize my back up debit card from Wells Fargo–thats one of the ways PayPal checks out that you are who you say you are) but I was on the phone with PayPal debit card customer service at the time, and they said they would manually approve it given the situation.

I am impressed that PayPal was on the ball in determining that I probably had not initiated transactions #3 and #4 above. My irritation with them ‘playing God about how I spend my money’ melted totally away once I realized what had happened.

I logged into my Go Daddy account after all this developed. Go Daddy pages are encrypted once you access your account information.

There is no way that anyone at Go Daddy did this; as soon as you navigate to your account you are on a secure page (https not http) which means that nobody could have accessed that information without being here watching me enter it (somehow I think if the resident cats did this the fraudulent charges would be at PetCo or PetSmart, not Sears and RedBox!)and nobody lives with me or has any access to that card.

Yes I will be talking to the store manager at Safeway about this situation. The checker is the only person who had access to the card and again its highly suspicious that she asked only about my drivers license not the debit card (which isn’t marked anywhere that its a debit card). Today was garbage day so the receipt is already gone but unfortunately for the thief, none of what I bought was paid for with cash ($61.68 on the food stamp card, $3.49 on the Wells Fargo debit card).

It turned out that I had not thrown the receipt away (funnily enough it was in the kitchen sink ROFL!!). I went to Safeway today after my doctor appointment but the store manager had just gone to lunch. I called him when I got home; he asked for the information on the receipt but couldn’t find the transaction on the surveillance tape so I will be taking the receipt to him on Monday. He also said that I should file a police report.