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Going above and beyond

I’ve been known to trash the occasional food service worker or fast food chain right here on this very blog.

But a few days ago I had an experience at my local Del Taco that really was going above and beyond in terms of excellent service.

I had gone through the drive through lane to get a macho coke, I made it home with my coke, and less than 10 minutes later I spilled almost the entire cup of coke on the floor (carpeted floor, no less).  I grumbled rather loudly as the only other thing to drink in the house was tap water, so I  decided to run back to Del Taco and get another coke.

As I get up to the drive through window, the person who took my first order started laughing.  I said to her “I spilled the other one” and the person who had taken my second order hands me back my money and gave me the second coke for free.

This isn’t the first time that Del Taco drive through people have given me coke for free. It’s almost like they have an unerring knack for when I’m having a really bad day, and on those days they give me a free coke.

I’m impressed!!


Not that anybody is reading or paying a bit of attention to my comments about comments.

That much is clear from the comments I keep getting even after the earlier post about relevancy, 90% of the comments I get are either totally irrelevant bull fecal material like this one (I keep listening to the news speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one.:) or they are flat out spam.

If you want to use my blog to get traffic to your blog or online earning opportunity, that’s fine.

I’d be happy to backlink to VALID sites that have something to do with MY blog or MY posts.

Or if you are a friend of mine I’ll link to your blog too (check the sidebar for Snoopy’s Doghouse and My Money Pit, both excellent blogs owned by friends of mine).

I might even be willing to add your Amazon or Ebay stores to my sidebar (the one there right now is mine, you could look around and buy something ROFL)

I’d recommend however that you actually READ the topic/post you are commenting on before making the comment, as the comment quoted above about the free online grant applications had absolutely NOTHING to do with the topic at hand, namely the “Bait and Switch, Done Sears Style” post from late last year.

I will trash irrelevant comments in a heartbeat.  I will delete out and out spam comments even faster.

Try getting traffic to your blog or earning opportunity or online store or whatever you are promoting by busing legitimate sources and by  making intelligent, relevant comments at other blogs/sites.

Oh I guess that’s just too much work for most of you, and apparently a lot of you also think this woman is stupid enough to approve everything even if its in a foreign language, links to a site that doesn’t load or is clearly a scam, makes no sense at all relative to THIS blog, or is coming from an IP known to be used by spammers and cheaters.

I am so sorry to disappoint all you lazy jerks who don’t want to do HONEST work to get traffic to your sites, but my mama didn’t raise no fool.

Irrelevant comments will be trashed.  And the decision is mine (and it is FINAL) as to what is relevant and what is not.

Here’s a few guidelines though

1) If your comments have nothing to do with what I posted, move on to some other blogger who doesn’t care about relevance.

2) If your comments address me as sir or refer to me as male, bugger off.  I am female.  I was born female and will remain female until the day I die!

3) If your comments are replying to some other comment made by another person on this site, relevance still matters.

4) None of my posts contain any advice at all.  Therefore ANY comment saying good advice, bad advice, or anything else about advice is deemed to be totally irrelevant and will be trashed in a nanosecond if not faster

5) If your comment is nothing but “not what I was looking for when I googled” ask yourself, who cares that you googled?   I sure don’t.  It’s an irrelevant comment made by somebody who doesn’t have the imagination or desire to respond to what he/she actually found.

Spam comments will be treated as spam and will not be published.  The decision is mine (again it is FINAL) as to what is and isn’t spam

1) If your comments are in any language other than English, I cannot read them, I will not run them through any online translator, and therefore they will be treated as spam.

2) If the site you want me to backlink to is not acceptable to me (includes but is not limited to the following 1) doesn’t load–or takes forever to load or 2) is an obvious scam site or 3) is nothing but a banner farm or is 4) a parked domain or search engine) your comment will at the very least be trashed.

2a) Depending on the content of the comment and quality of the site in question, your comment may be treated as spam.

3) If your IP tracks back to a hosting company that is known to allow spamming/scamming your comment will be treated as spam no matter how relevant or irrelevant it may be to the content of MY post

4) If your comment is nothing but unrelated words strung together (in my world we call that gibberish) it will be treated as spam

I welcome and appreciate relevant well thought out comments or questions–again in English only.  If in doubt about the quality and/or relevance of YOUR comment, check the posts that have approved comments.

Don’t bother looking around the site for the “I keep listening to the news speak about getting free online grant applications so I have been looking around for the best site to get one” comment because I trashed it.  What, you thought I’d really let a totally irrelevant comment get posted?  Not in this lifetime, and probably not in the next either

Do I have to approve the comments of every intelligence-challenged googler, clueless fool, lazy internet marketer and spammer who happens onto this blog? I DON’T THINK SO!!


Here’s a word to the not-so-wise, the totally clueless, and the spammers. Ya’ll KNOW who you are!!

If your comment is totally irrelevant (ie has nothing to do with my post(s) or is just gibberish), it won’t be approved and depending on the content, it might be placed in either trash or spam.

If its not in English, it won’t be approved and it will definitely be rejected as SPAM (and I don’t mean that processed meat in the can either).

If all you are trying to do is increase your PageRank move on as you aren’t going to use MY blog to do it!!

“Good advice” when there was no advice in my post = irrelevant.

“Not really what I was looking for when I googled” = who cares and irrelevant

On the other hand, if your comment is well thought-out, relevant, and in English……it will be approved within 24 hours.

Do I have to approve every comment ya’ll make, no matter if its SPAM, totally irrelevant, gibberish, etc? I DON’T THINK SO.

Starting A Blog

I just received (and approved) a comment on one of my earlier posts.  The poster was wondering if I designed this blog myself.  Oh don’t I wish I had those kinds of skills! LOL.

Nope, a friend uploaded the WordPress software to my domain and installed it for me.  I did pick the design/template/theme from Word Press’s “appearance” section, and all the writing is mine.

I have another blog also, not on Word Press. But I didn’t design that one either.  I chose the template, picked the colors, picked the font, and integrated my Amazon store at that one so it was a little more work than this blog design-wise.

My designing skills are limited to making banners at this site

or this one

(the first one–banner fans–is much more versatile and user-friendly)

Dish Network, the Cop, and MOI

So I haven’t watched TV in a week or two, real life has been getting in the way.  I decided one night last week that I wanted to watch HGTV so I grab the remote in the bedroom, push SAT and then push TV —- all I get is ‘please wait’ and scrolling messages across the screen.  I try two more times, same story.  So then I try the TV in the living room.  Again, all I get is ‘please wait’ and scrolling messages across the screen.

So I called Dish Network’s 24/7 customer support number at 1-800-we-are-painfully-stupid (not a real number LOL) but you will see why I say ‘1-800-we-are-painfully-stupid’ soon enough.

The first person asks three times for numbers on the right hand side of the screen.  Three times I tell her, there are no numbers.  Then she wants me to read the messages to her.  As they are scrolling messages, I can’t read fast enough. This seems to make her mad.

So then she asks if I am in the room with the receiver box, and I say no and that I am not even sure where the receiver box is, although I do know where my DVR is.

So she knows I have a DVR but she tells me I will have to push the button on the receiver box, I tell her again I do NOT know where the receiver box is.  Finally after being told a total of three times to push the reset button on the receiver box, I say “didn’t I just tell you I don’t know WHERE the receiver box is?” and slam down the phone.

After a few minutes, I call 1-800-we-are-painfully-stupid again and get a new person–male this time–who is equally as intelligence-challenged, rude, and totally unhelpful as the first person was.  After a few more exchanges about ‘push the reset button on the receiver box’ and ‘I don’t know where the receiver box is’ I slam the phone down, swear loudly, and throw the phone halfway across the room.

I then go into the living room and start looking for the ‘receiver box’ and my instruction manual.  No receiver box found and the instruction manual makes it sound like the DVR and the ‘receiver box’ are NOT the same thing.  I finally assume that somebody has entered my house and stolen my receiver box, this would also be an explanation for the videotape that walked across the floor from the cabinet under the tv all by itself.

I call 1-800-we-are-painfully-stupid a third time to say that my ‘receiver box’ has been stolen.  I have to report it to the cops and then fax the report to Dish.  Or I can continue paying for a system I can’t use, or if I choose to leave Dish I can pay all the lovely termination and equipment fees.

I hang up on the third fool from 1-800-we-are-painfully-stupid and call the non-emergency police number.

The cop gets here about 15 minutes later.  Luckily for me, he had also had Dish Network a few months back, and said oh I think the DVR and the reciever box are one and the same.  He found the reset button.  He pushed the reset button.  I was watching TV less than 2 minutes later.  Of course I felt like a stone idiot and apologized about 5 times to the cop, but at least I could watch HGTV and not boring messages from Dish scrolling across the screen instead.

The next day I get a phone call from Dish asking me to take a survey about my experience with their customer service people.  It was a 1-5 ranking for several questions, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.  Did they get a five on ANYTHING?  I DONT THINK SO.

The last question was what could Dish do to improve my experience with them, my answer was train your customer service representatives to say DVR or DVR/reciever box as I am sure I am not the only person out here confused about what the receiver box is.

The next time I wanted to watch TV, the remote was acting up, not letting me change channels. Did I call 1-800-we-are-painfully-stupid again?  I DON’T THINK SO.  I went to Safeway and bought some new batteries for the remote instead.

What Exactly Was the Point of EVEN Putting an Email Address in the Ad?

Yesterday evening (February 24, 2010) I sent a resume via email to a local company.  Today I got a response which left me totally shaking my head over more than just one issue with this company.

“Thank you for your interest in the Inbound Computer/Phone Tech Support position.  Please come to the center at 501 SW Hill Street in Bend to fill out an application and test.  If you have questions please call our front desk at 541-647-6670. We are accepting applications between the hours of 8am to 11 and 1pm to 3pm.

Please include a resume for consideration.”

Now why am I shaking my head over this response?  The ad in the paper said this:

“For consideration apply: Applicant.BendOR@——–.com (edited by me so the company doesn’t get slammed with spam).

The next line was the phone number and the last two lines were the physical address.  I think most people would assume that the application method of choice would be the email address as it was listed first (especially since the ad doesn’t state ANYWHERE no emails, no phone calls, or apply in person).

In addition the job the reply referred to wasn’t the same one I applied for.  To me Wireless/Mobile Device Tech Support does not necessarily equal Inbound Computer/Phone Tech Support.  Did the person who replied to me even look at the subject line? I DON’T THINK SO.

And the third thing that leaves me shaking my head here was the “please include a resume for consideration”  Hmmm, I attached a resume to the email, didn’t I?  Did the person who replied to me even look at that attached resume? I DON’T THINK SO.

Being unemployed …….. or a 500 mile commute????

What I found saddest about this was the comment by the wife about ‘no sympathy’ “They say at least he’s working.”

Well I’m not working.

I haven’t had a steady job since October 2005, when I was fired by a boss who had disliked me from the minute SHE was hired (two weeks after I was hired by someone else, he got promoted, she got hired, shortly thereafter my life went to hades in a handbasket).

My unemployment benefits (extended numerous times) run out next week–not that $104.00 a week stretches very far.

I’ve drained 2 IRA’s and 3 online savings accounts already plus sold numerous guns and pieces of jewelry to pay my bills.

I’m 2 months behind on my space rent.

I eat only because I get $200.00 a month in food stamps.

I’m paying $50.00 a month towards my property taxes to prevent the county from putting a lien against my manufactured home, which I couldn’t sell if I wanted to.  There are homes in this park that have been for sale for literally YEARS with no action.

In June the house insurance comes due and I haven’t a clue how I’m going to pay for that.

I have no family support at all, not even emotional support as I’m estranged from most of my extended family and have been for years–mostly THEIR choice and IMHO THEIR LOSS.

On the bright side, I own my own home, taxes and space rent be damned. The park manager does all my yard work because he was SO pleased that I had the place repainted and reroofed in 2008 (after my dad passed away).

He was also pleased that I put in a yard and sprinkler system to replace the dirt and rocks that were here before (he lives across the street from me and I am sure he was as tired of looking at peeling paint and dirt/rocks as I was)

I got 1 1/4 cords of wood on Friday due to getting energy assistance (energy assistance is also going to pay my electricity bill) and I had another 1/4 cord left of the last cord I purchased last spring.

I am current on all monthly bills other than the space rent.

I have antiques (furniture, glassware, memorabilia) that I can sell if it comes right down to the nitty gritty.

And still, I have sympathy for the people in the story referenced above.  The thought of a 500 mile commute puts my problems in perspective……for me at least.

Is a 500 mile commute (one way) worse than my situation? I DON’T THINK SO.

My Mother Would Be So PROUD!!

A little background: I’m a slob. And I tend not to care what clothes look like as long as they are clean, however that’s actually an improvement over the way I used to be. In college my mother would be appalled because I’d wear dirty jeans, dirty blouses, etc even when out in public.

Back on 2/1/2010 I had to leave the house to go apply for energy assistance.  I’d failed to do laundry for a while  and the only clean non-ratty pants I had were sweat pants.  And these weren’t the fitted sweat pants either so they were high-water pants.

So I’m wearing a CLEAN black blouse, CLEAN purple sweat pants, CLEAN white socks, and my Disney crocs with the PINK strap. I took the socks off once because they looked so dorky, then I put them back on again because it was cold outside and my feet look horrendous (very dry skin).

Then I saw how totally and completely dorky I looked wearing the high water purple sweat pants and the white socks (not to mention the Disney crocs with pink strap) and I just could not force myself to leave the house looking that dorky.

Its one thing to look like a complete and total dork when you are going through a drive through window at a fast food place, all they can see is your top half, but I was going to be in a room with other people for at least an hour.

So I scrounged up the clean but ratty jeans since they were only ratty around the waist.  Nobody was going to see my waist.

My mother would be so PROUD.  ROFLMAO!!


dork [dɔːk]n Slang

1. a stupid or incompetent person

ratty – showing signs of wear and tear

Burger King Strikes Again, or MORE Fun With Fast Food

Now, the first thing I learned in my brief experiences working in fast food (McDonalds, Taco Time)  is that you do NOT argue with the customer.  You would think that would be taught to the employees their very first day on the job or as part of their training BEFORE throwing them on the line……but obviously it isn’t, at least not at the SE 3rd and Reed Market Road Burger King here in Bend.

For 25 years or more I have ordered my Whoppers and Double Whoppers a very specific way.  I order a Whopper or a Double Whopper with cheese, no lettuce, no ketchup, easy mayo (sometimes no mayo), heavy onion, heavy pickle.  Recently (within the last 6 months or so) I’ve taken to ordering the same way only adding bacon.

So on Friday evening after stacking firewood all day, I am thinking I will reward myself with dinner: a Double Whopper with cheese and bacon, no lettuce, no ketchup, easy mayo, heavy onion, and heavy pickle.

I go through the drive through lane, order my Double Whopper with cheese and bacon, no lettuce, no ketchup, easy mayo, heavy onion and heavy pickle. I am always careful to pause between changes/additions to the normal sandwich as I’ve had numerous experiences with the drive through staff at every Burger King in the state of Oregon getting my orders wrong.

I notice on the reader board the drive through person has missed the bacon and I mention that. “Oh yeah I forgot the bacon” was the response.

Then I also notice EASY KETCHUP and NO MAYO on the reader board.  I say that I ordered NO KETCHUP and the drive through person starts arguing with me that I ordered EASY KETCHUP and NO MAYO.

Now, if you’ve already admitted to me that you forgot the bacon–the very first change/addition that was made–who are you to argue with me about what I ordered?

Who are YOU to say that YOU got the order right at all when you messed up the very first addition that was made to the order?

And even if you thought (assumed more like it and we all know what assuming does) that you got the order right, arguing with the customer is NOT the way to deal with the situation.

Now, in this case its just that I do NOT like ketchup at all, never have, never will.  I eat it about twice a year when I have french fries (which by the way I did NOT order since I don’t like them very well either).

But would this intelligence-challenged and extremely rude drive through person have some way of knowing the difference between a customer just not liking ketchup and a customer who is actually allergic to (or sensitive) to ketchup?

Does she have some sort of mind-reading ability to tell WHY the customer said NO KETCHUP? Or NO TARTAR SAUCE on a fish sandwich? (I am allergic to tartar sauce!)

It’s obvious she thinks that ANY changes/additions to the normal Whopper–or any other order–are done solely to inconvenience her and the kitchen staff, even though the motto of Burger King has been “Have it Your Way” for at least 25 years now.

Obviously HER motto is HAVE IT MY WAY ……. because its clearly way too much work to have to listen to you and to have to punch your order in correctly.

Is she even smart enough to know that some people ARE allergic to ketchup?  Does she even care?

After a few minutes of arguing with the intelligence-challenged rude drive through person at Burger King, I went to Del Taco for dinner.

Del Taco drive through staff actually LISTEN to what you order, they verify your order by repeating it back to you and they don’t argue with you if they make a mistake.  They correct their mistakes quickly, and I would say they make very few mistakes in the first place, unlike Burger King.

Did the intelligence-challenged, rude, and incompetent drive through person at Burger King learn one thing from losing an order ($5.00+)  through her own rudeness and incompetence? I DON’T THINK SO!!

I pulled a muscle in my butt

Okay you can stop laughing now.  I mean it, stop laughing. Stop laughing at ME and MY butt or I’ll figure out some way for YOU to pull a muscle in YOUR butt. I swear I will.

I was emptying out my storage locker back in October and moving the contents to my house.

I went to bed one night and woke up the next morning literally barely able to walk because somehow I pulled a muscle in my butt (how many times do I have to tell you to STOP with the laughing already?)

I’m gonna laugh at YOU when you are in agony sitting on the throne and then you’ll be sorry for laughing at ME.

How do I know you are laughing at me?

My best friend in the Netherlands laughed at me when I told her I pulled a muscle in my butt.

My mother laughed so hard she almost peed her pants when I told her I pulled a muscle in my butt.

A bunch of my friends over in western Oregon laughed themselves silly when I told them I pulled a muscle in my butt.

You are just another in a long line of people laughing at me because I pulled a muscle in my butt,

There”s only one person who hasn’t laughed at me because I pulled a muscle in my butt.  The same thing has happened to her, and people laugh at her too.

Do I ever want to pull a muscle in my butt again? I DON’T THINK SO!!