I Think I Will Stick With Papa Johns

I am addicted to pizza. Now that I have no transportation I generally order online from Papa John’s (partially because they have great pizza and partially because I get an emailed discount code almost every day). And because I order so often, all of the Papa John delivery drivers know where I live.

Today however I wanted Pizza Hut’s pizza rollers. I also found out that they carry my favorite (and most unhealthy) soda: Mountain Dew (and not that diet crap either! LOL).

I went online to PizzaHut.com and I ordered a side of pizza rollers with no sauce, a large pan pizza (Veggie Lovers), and the smaller size of Mountain Dew. Almost as soon as the order was sent, I got a phone call from my local Pizza Hut telling me that they only had the 2 liter size of Mountain Dew. I said that was fine and we agreed that I would just give the driver the extra dollar that the 2 liter size of Mountain Dew was going to cost.

My order was scheduled to show up at 5:20. At 6:00 pm I get a call from the delivery driver that he can’t find my address.

All of a sudden I remembered one of the main reasons I stopped using Pizza Hut in the first place: they would try to deliver my pizzas, sides, desserts, drinks, etc to the other side of town. Apparently there is a mobile home park called Century Drive Mobile Home Park at 141 SW 15th Street, while my mobile home park (Suntree Village) is at 1001 SE 15th Street. The two mobile home parks are 3+ miles from each other.

When I used to call in the orders (rather than order online) nearly every time they would hear SUNTREE as CENTURY. I personally don’t see the similarity of the two names.

I gave the delivery driver the usual information: on SOUTHEAST 15th between Reed Market Road and Wilson Avenue, turn at the main Suntree entrance where there is a huge pine tree and a Suntree Village sign, (I discovered later today that this sign also has the address on it which is germane to what the driver said when he actually delivered my food), go up the hill and turn right into the first cul-de-sac.

What really frosted my behind was when the driver got here–over 30 minutes late–there was NO apology. In fact, he tried to blame the whole mess on me and he had the nerve to say is 1001 SE 15th Street REALLY your address? Well considering I’ve received my mail at 1001 SE 15th STREET UNIT 122 for almost 6 years now I would say that it is REALLY my address.

Perhaps if he doesn’t know his way around Bend, he should find another job. And if he does know his way around Bend, he should learn to treat paying customers with courtesy–and take responsibility for his own actions.

To add insult to injury, of course my food was barely warm. And my Mountain Dew certainly wasn’t cold. It was warm enough that I gave up and drank the Diet Coke that I already had in the refrigerator.

I walked to the corner store a couple hours after the pizza debacle. I am in bad physical shape–and coughed most of the way to the store–so on the way back from the store I sat on a flat rock that is under the big pine tree. That was when I noticed that the address of the park is on the Suntree Village sign (the very sign where I told mr. rocket scientist rude pizza delivery man to turn). I guess in addition to being rude and incompetent, he either cannot or will not read!

I can’t help but compare this lousy customer service from Pizza Hut with the local Papa John’s store. They brought me regular Coke twice when I had ordered diet–the first time they went to the store up the street and bought me Diet Coke. The second time they sent the driver back out to my house with Diet Coke and we exchanged bottles. Both times they apologized profusely.

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