No I Am NOT Getting Paid to Write Anything Here.

Are you getting paid money for writing this – or will you do it without getting paid?

Most of the posts are my ‘opinions’ or my ‘experiences’ or my ‘thoughts’– with some links added if they are needed — which the commenter would realize if he/she/it read (and comprehended) any of the posts.

I don’t write for SEO (search engine optimization) and I don’t write for money on either of my blogs. I write for the sheer joy of putting my thoughts, feelings, experiences on paper (virtual or otherwise). I write because I am a damn good writer, and that’s not just MY opinion. I write because I need to get the feelings and experience and sometimes the thoughts out of my mind–it’s called venting. Some people vent by yelling, some people vent by writing, and still other people vent by leaving vaguely insulting comments on blogs.

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