What Exactly Was the Point of EVEN Putting an Email Address in the Ad?

Yesterday evening (February 24, 2010) I sent a resume via email to a local company.  Today I got a response which left me totally shaking my head over more than just one issue with this company.

“Thank you for your interest in the Inbound Computer/Phone Tech Support position.  Please come to the center at 501 SW Hill Street in Bend to fill out an application and test.  If you have questions please call our front desk at 541-647-6670. We are accepting applications between the hours of 8am to 11 and 1pm to 3pm.

Please include a resume for consideration.”

Now why am I shaking my head over this response?  The ad in the paper said this:

“For consideration apply: Applicant.BendOR@——–.com (edited by me so the company doesn’t get slammed with spam).

The next line was the phone number and the last two lines were the physical address.  I think most people would assume that the application method of choice would be the email address as it was listed first (especially since the ad doesn’t state ANYWHERE no emails, no phone calls, or apply in person).

In addition the job the reply referred to wasn’t the same one I applied for.  To me Wireless/Mobile Device Tech Support does not necessarily equal Inbound Computer/Phone Tech Support.  Did the person who replied to me even look at the subject line? I DON’T THINK SO.

And the third thing that leaves me shaking my head here was the “please include a resume for consideration”  Hmmm, I attached a resume to the email, didn’t I?  Did the person who replied to me even look at that attached resume? I DON’T THINK SO.

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