Melody Hendrickson, Wherefore Art Thou?

I finally broke down and contacted Jeffrey Lucas at Prime Pay about my reference, since Melody Hendrickson promised me a good one when I left Prime Pay back in 2005.

I knew she’d left the company shortly after I did and I was wondering what Jeff was saying about me.

It turns out that Jeff has left the company too.  So my email to him bounced, luckily for me I’d also contacted Prime Pay directly through their website.  They forwarded my contact to the current branch manager of the Portland, Oregon office.

She tells me that Prime Pay is only allowed to confirm employment and is not allowed to discuss performance. I said in reply “so Melody’s promise of a good reference was just so much hot air?”

She tells me that any agreement between Melody and I was personal in scope; as such, Prime Pay cannot honor it.

Since Prime Pay cannot give out Melody’s personal information she encouraged me to use search engines to find her since she is involved in various professional networking groups.

Google is a wonderful resource BUT………

The Facebook page for Melody Hendrickson (which may or may not be the same person I’m looking for) no longer exists.

The Melody Hendrickson I found at Linkedin is probably the person I am looking for, however I cannot contact her through Linkedin without upgrading my own Linkedin account.  I also can’t view her full profile (which might include the experience at Prime Pay IF its the same person) without upgrading my own Linkedin account.

The information I found at Linkedin states that Melody Hendrickson is now the HR Manager at First American Corporation, and in the past was the Assistant Executive Director and HR Manager at Tualatin Valley Television.

I also found a Melody Hendrickson at but this is a site you have to register for, and you have to have a work-related email to register. Gmail, aol, aim, yahoo, hotmail, earthlink, etc are not accepted

Somehow I don’t think my only non gmail, yahoo, hotmail, earthlink, bend broadband, aol etc email address (namely  thequeenofbrats@suzys-braintransplant (.biz, .info, .net, .com) is going to fly as a work-related email, top level domain or not.

Found a Melody Hendrickson at too, but only premium subscribers and members of her network are allowed to view her contact information.

That’s the results in a nutshell from Google.

Am I going to get a reference–good or otherwise– from Melody Hendrickson? I DON’T THINK SO.

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