References……Or More Adventures in Job Hunting

References are troublesome for me.

My last employer–Macys/Bloomingdales–I think the HR person was impressed with me. My immediate supervisor was impressed with me but she was a seasonal employee just like me.  The store manager was NOT impressed with me.

It’s a crap shoot as to what the Human Resources person would say about me and I am pretty sure that the store manager wouldn’t give me a good reference.

Melody Hendrickson promised me a good reference when I left, Melody is long gone from Prime Pay (our mutual ex-employer) and finding her is proving to be problematical at best. Prime Pay only verifies employment dates and is not allowed to discuss performanace

Barry Trotta the ex-owner of ACI is easy enough to locate, but since I had to sue him for unpaid wages (I won but have been unable to collect even a penny of the judgment) I doubt he would say anything good about me.  I find that frustrating since before I grew a spine and tried to make him accountable for $3800.00+ in unpaid wages he praised me to the skies.

Ken Harings at the United States Postal Service (USPS) in Portland, Oregon may or may not be with them any longer….after all my job with the USPS ended back in January 2001.

I worked at First Interstate/Wells Fargo from 1989-1993 and then again from 1994-1997 (not to mention a lot of time with them as a temporary employee, via Talent Tree Staffing).  Wells Fargo only verifies employment dates and whether or not you are eligible for rehire.

Talent Tree Staffing aka Initial Staffing Services  has been acquired by an out-of-state company.  I’d be surprised if the people at the ‘new’ company retained files from former Talent Tree contract employees, particularly in light of the fact that my last position with Talent Tree ended in August 2001.

I hate job hunting!

But I like eating and paying my space rent, so I’ll continue hunting (17 jobs applied for in the last 3 weeks) all the while hoping and praying that somewhere out there is someone who needs a fat, feminist, liberal, assertive,  opinionated old lady with 12 years experience but no references.

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