Telemarketers……..Really Really SUCK!!

Friday afternoon (April 23, 2010) I was taking a nap when the phone (landline) rang.

Now normally I let the fax machine beep scare off any callers on that line, but since I’ve started sending out resumes and applications I thought perhaps one of the places I contacted wanted to set up an interview.

I include both the landline number and the cell phone number on resumes and applications so it was a reasonable assumption.

So I answered the phone.  That was my first mistake.  Being polite to the person on the other end was probably my second mistake,

I could tell there wasn’t any job interview in the offing, although this telemarketer HAD indeed retrieved my telephone number from Career Builders or Central Oregon Jobs or Monster or Snag a Job or; she told me what site but I don’t remember.

What I do remember is that she was calling to offer a resume review service.  Thanks, but no thanks, rude telemarketer who awakened me from a perfectly lovely nap.

My reasons for not wanting your (overpriced) service:

1) I didn’t sign up with Career Builders, Monster, Central Oregon Jobs,, Snag a Job, or to be called by telemarketers.

I signed up with those websites so I could find a job.  I did actually find a part-time seasonal job last November at Macy’s via Snag A Job, and I’ve applied for several other jobs online through Snag A Job. I’ve gotten some interviews via those applications through Snag a Job too.

I don’t recall that I allowed those sites to give out my phone number (or any other personal information) except to potential employers and a spammy telemarketer doesn’t fit under the ‘potential employer’ umbrella if you ask me.

In fact, I am fairly sure the ‘preferred method of contact’ I mentioned at all the sites was my email address not my phone number.

2) I don’t need a resume review, especially one that I have to pay for.  I had a career counselor in the Portland (Oregon) area rework my resume a few years ago and it meets all the current standards for clarity, readability, and brevity.

3) I can’t afford my space rent and other bills much less a resume review from a spammy telemarketer.

4) My landline and cell phone are both on the no-call list for a reason.  My landline is an unlisted number for a reason.

Now, I realize the telemarketer is just doing HER job.  However, I have questions about how her firm really got my telephone number since again I do not recall allowing any career/job hunting websites that I signed up with to give out my personal information to any tom, dick, or harry that wants it.

I hung up on the telemarketer without saying a word.  I’m sure she got the message as there have been no further attempts at contact.

Do I have to listen to the spammy pitches of a telemarketer who is IMO breaking several federal laws by even calling me? I DON’T THINK SO!

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