Get On The Same Page, Would You Please?

I called my temporary employment agency about 12:30 pm to find out the availability number and to check that I was still active with them.

I was told that since I hadn’t been in since 2008 I would have to come in and be re-certified or whatever.

I was also told  the employment counselors saw applicants from 9 am to 2 pm (again it was about 12:30 pm) so I ran fast like a bunny to their offices, address book, social security card, drivers license, and resume(s) in hand.

What a waste of time, gas, and effort that was…..after I updated my application with my last job and current references, I was told by a different person that I would have to make an appointment to see a employment counselor later in the week.

I think they could have done the I-9 certification (proof of eligibility to work in the United States of America) today too, it would have taken 5 minutes tops as  it consists of the temporary employee filling out a form and the agency/employer taking photocopies of your identification documents; one would think the receptionist would have the skill to do that but maybe their union (ha) only allows the employment counselors to turn on the photocopier.

The question about do you have these documents rather set my teeth on edge as well.  Its raining, I’ve not got an umbrella or a raincoat, am wearing crocs, no socks, capri pants, and a T shirt….and my clothes and my hair are as dry as old bones.  How did she think I got to the office (15 minute drive) without having a drivers license?

Furthermore, this will be at least the third time I’ve had to prove my eligibility to work in the USA for this temp agency alone; you would think once would be enough since where I was born isn’t going to change even if you have me verify it every single day between now and the day I die!!

Then there’s this question: Have you been employed by Express Personnel Services before?  Now, if she’d taken the time to look at the application she could have assumed that as the only parts of the application I was told to fill out were my last job and my current references.

I was also told it might be helpful to fill out the skills sheet and of course I had to sign the application.

If I’d been a new or prospective employee, I would have been required  to fill out the entire form.

Hmmm, just a little tiny look at the form would have told her one of two things: 1) my form was incomplete or 2) I was indeed a prior or current employee of Express Personnel Services.

I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.  I truly would have preferred going to the office just once; I even would have been happy with going somewhat earlier tomorrow morning before my appointment (as filling out the forms took less than 10 minutes).

The receptionist and the person covering for her lunch hour really need to be on the same page when talking to people over the phone or in person.

In my case, its a less than 15 minute drive to their office and that’s if I hit the traffic lights and stop signs wrong.

But if people are coming in from Sunriver, Sisters, Terrebonne, Redmond, or La Pine it would be more than just a ‘inconvenience’ to them to have to come back (each of those towns is 15-20 miles away one way, and lets not even talk about Madras and Prineville, 40+ miles away one way).

It would be a major waste of their time, gas, and money to come to Bend under the misguided assumption that a employment counselor could see them same day.

After finding out that I had been misinformed, I was so ticked off that I forgot to breathe and when I remembered to breathe, I decided not to go off on these people.  After all, I need a job and they are in the business of finding jobs for people.

But am I impressed with Express Personnel Services? I DON’T THINK SO!!

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