Sears Bites Me in the Butt AGAIN!

So back on April 29 2010 I applied online for a restocker position (again). I watched the same video (again), agreed that this was the position I wanted to apply for (again) and set up an interview (again) for May 3 2010.

I went to the interview on May 3rd, they had to find a manger to interview me, they had to find an office to interview me in, and they had to pull my application off the computer too. I was told I would be called on May 4th to set up a second interview.

So the interview is all done, and I go home. I hear nothing until Tuesday of this week (May 11 2010) when they called. Now they want to set up another interview. We agree on 3:00 pm Thursday May 13th and I am told I will be interviewing with Megan.

Thursday rolls around and I take my shower, wash my hair, get dressed (dress, nylons, flats) and go across town for my interview with Megan. Lo and behold, Megan is at lunch and the HR manager says she has me on the schedule for 2:00 pm Friday May 14th.

My choices are to wait 45 minutes for Megan to return from lunch (mind you, I have no money and nothing to read so I would just be sitting for 45 minutes with nothing to do) or reschedule for 2:00 pm Friday May 14th. I chose to reschedule the interview.

So today I again do the shower, wash the hair, get dressed (different dress this time) and drive across town (again) for my interview with Megan. Again, Megan is not there or she’s not going to do the interview.

So Peter comes to interview me and the first words out of his mouth were “You had an interview with Jessica last week, did she tell you that there are no openings for Sales Support positions at this time?” Well, no Jessica hadn’t mentioned that fact.

The only positions available were 1) commission only sales in appliances and 2) $6.00 per hour plus commission in electronics.

Although I am desperate for a job, I am not desperate enough to accept commission based positions selling big ticket items.

Its hard enough for experienced salespeople to sell big ticket items like appliances and electronics in the current economy, much less someone with no sales experience at all.

Screw me over once, shame on you. Screw me over twice, shame on me.

I said back in October that I wouldn’t apply for another job with Sears, I should have remembered that statement and abided by that decision. If I’d remembered that I’d have saved myself hot water, shampoo, and gas for 3 trips across town (4 1/2 miles each way). I’d also have avoided emotional wear and tear.

It gets even better though. I get home, check my Yahoo email, and find this little gem from Career Builder

Thu, May 13, 2010 10:54:43 PM Job Matches

“JobRecommendationsblah blah blah”

Add to Contacts
To: “edited”

Your new job is within reach! See All Jobs
Sears, Roebuck and Co. Customer Service openings in Bend, Oregon New!
Sears Roebuck and Co. – Bend, OR

(Average number of applicants) (Minimal Match)
Posted: 5/6/2010

Did I rush right off to Career Builder and apply at Sears again? I DONT THINK SO!!

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