This is HILARIOUS…..

So I am job hunting (still) and go to check out the online classified ads in the Bend Bulletin (my local newspaper). I see an opening for an administrative assistant at Powell Butte Community Charter School complete with url so I go check it out.

The website I landed on was for Parkway Baptist Church in College Station, Texas. ( As far as I can tell, Parkway Baptist Church in College Station, Texas does not run a school other than vacation bible school.

After a bit of googling I found the correct url for the Powell Butte Community Charter School in Powell Butte, Oregon ( There’s a rather large and rather obvious difference between the two urls, not to mention that College Station, Texas and Powell Butte, Oregon are nearly 1700 miles distant from one another.

I imagine that the staff of Parkway Baptist Church is totally bewildered by emails, phone calls, voice mails, and other contacts regarding all the job openings listed in the ad in the Bend Bulletin (teachers, janitors, administrative assistants, secretaries, part time principal with teaching option) and that the staff of Powell Butte Community Charter School is wondering why they haven’t got any applications or resumes or phone calls about their job openings (especially in this bad economy, one would think even a small school in a small town–population 2,413 as of July 2007–would be inundated with applications/resumes/phone calls).

I notified the Bend Bulletin of their error both on the site and via email. I notified Powell Butte Community Charter School of the error via email and took advantage of the opportunity to submit a resume for the administrative assistant position.

Did anyone in the classified department of the Bend Bulletin take the time to check where the url went BEFORE the ad went live? I DON’T THINK SO!

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