HAH….I Trashed Your “Incredibly RUDE’ Comment

“Hah I’m literally the only comment to your incredible read!?”

I wish I could say that your blog was an incredible read.

Well in some ways it is…..It is incredible beyond belief how badly written it is. It is also incredible beyond belief how badly punctuated it is. And lets not even talk about how you clearly never grasped the concept of ‘tense’ (past, present, future).

Once your readers–if you ever get any–get beyond the horribly bad writing, the horribly bad punctuation, and the screwed up tenses, your blog still doesn’t make any sense.

If stream of consciousness writing was what you were going after, the problem is that a writer has to be ‘conscious’ (ie awake, not sleeping, with at least ONE functional brain cell) to write even bad stream of consciousness writing.

Your blog reads like mine would if I let my cat do the typing…..and that’s a total insult to my cat.

Instead of spending your time making rude comments on other blogs ….. If I were you I’d make your blog readable.

If I were you, I’d start by going to a remedial writing school and learning how to punctuate what you write so people can read it. Then I’d read up on making your tenses (past, present, future) hang together.

For those of you that can and do read this rant, don’t bother looking for her comment. I trashed it.

Aside from the rudeness, I’d be ashamed to link back to such a poorly thought out blog and I’d be even more ashamed to subject my readers to a blog you have to read 25 times to make any sense of it.

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