Job Nab and Career Network… REALLY DO NOT BOTHER!!

Dear Suellen,

I saw the resume you recently posted online and noticed that you’re looking for something in Administrative Support.

I work with several companies in your area that are trying to fill Administrative Support positions and would like to get your resume in front of them.

To get started, go to and fill out our short application. I will be able to start matching you to available positions immediately.

Hope to hear from you soon.”

So I signed up only to find out while completing registration this site has no territories within a reasonable distance of my home. The closest territory to the town I live in (Bend, Oregon) is Eugene, Oregon–120 miles away one way.

My reply:

I signed up but did not and will not complete the registration.

Why didn’t I complete the registration?

You have no territories within a reasonable distance of my home and I am not looking for either a 140-200 mile (one way) commute or relocating.

I’m already signed up for one job site ( that considers Eugene, Portland, and Salem to be Central Oregon and continually matches me to jobs not in my geographical location.

Two seconds later, I find this bovine fecal material in the inbox:

Hi Suellen,

After careful evaluation of your online resume, we have decided to recommend you for an available Secretary position. The Secretary position offers incomparable benefits and $17.00 / hour. This person will be responsible for office duties such as answering phones, sending and receiving all faxes, sending and receiving all mail, and ordering office supplies. We thought that your experience, communication abilities, and attention to detail will be an exceptional advantage in this position.

By selecting the following link, you will be able to turn-in your application and access a more complete description:


Career Network prides itself on not being your “run-of-the-mill’ job board, but a passageway to thousands of jobs and resumes for applicants and employers alike. We offer applicants a huge database of open positions and an easy-to-use format to help you enhance your job search.

We look forward to hearing from you in regards to this position.

Best Wishes

I am not even going to bother applying OR replying.

Why not?

This email is a come-on for their site and is like I said earlier bovine fecal material.

No secretary job pays $17.00 per hour, they do not state anywhere on the site or in the email WHERE the job is (Career Network is located in Florida clear across the country from me, and if I was intelligence-challenged enough to join their site, I am sure I would find that there are no openings in Bend, Oregon–only openings in Eugene Portland Salem—all 100-200 miles away from me ONE WAY).

I won’t call Job Nab and Career Network scams the way I did and Resume Doctor, solely because there is no cost for Job Nab’s services or Career Network’s services.

I am however more than willing to say that their services are as useless to me as those of and Resume Doctor (or as my father would have put it–god rest his soul–‘useless as tits on a boar’)

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  • lisa stevenson says:

    I got the exact same email from career network. I’m in Memphis, TN

  • TeeTee says:

    I think JobNab and Career Network are scams because they take your personal data, that are worth quite a lot, especially if obtained under false pretenses. They are in the business of generating leads to sell to scammers and spammers. Plenty of those around the corner in good ole shamshine state FL.

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