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Please explain 4 emails and 2 phone calls from employers that say they saw/found my resume on Monster. There have been ZERO views to the stated resume, because it was never activated by yours truly. What we have here is either a scammy job site or a dishonest employee of said site that sold my information or both.

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  • TeeTee says:

    My dear, since when do you believe a single word of people approaching you from out of the blue? Chances are near a hundred percent they are no employers and never saw your resume on Monster, but scammers who bought a bunch of leads from scammers like the ones that run jobnab aka career network. So you may owe The Unknown Monster Employee an apology, lol.

  • Elliot says:

    Monster is a big sucker !

    1. They never check any of the often fake and fraudulent posting they advertise. As long as customers pay, they publish it. As crap as it sounds…

    2. They advertise the same jobs for weeks, months or years. Again, either these are fake jobs or the attrition rate is so extraordinary, that the companies are hiring for the same job every week for months and years :-0.

    3. To pretend that they have a lot of jobs, they multiply every advert 2, 3 or even 4 times. Sometimes twice on the same page. Basically, if they have one real job, they post it 4 times to show volume… It is really pathetic.

    4. Their search engine is a piece of crap. It doesn’t work properly, it’s overloaded with scripts and it doesn’t even have the minimum filters like selecting jobs posted by companies only (as to avoid all the crooks from “recruitment” agencies.

    5. The goal of is to lure users into a false impression of job abundance to keep you as long as they can on their website in order to be well placed in term of web traffic.

    I used to get jobs from these people years ago. Why did they go down like this ?


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