none of your comment make me happy!!

none of your post make me happy 🙁 btw thanks

Oh please do go ahead and ask me if I really care about making some anonymous commenter happy.

Do ya’ll get the feeling that maybe just maybe I don’t give a crap if ANY of my posts make anyone but me happy?

What a smart bunch of readers you are to sense that with no clues at all (other than my admittedly bad bad bad attitude!)

The blog is for me. It is a cheap form of therapy; it keeps me from losing my mind; and besides that one of my skills is writing.

I like to write, I am good at writing, and intelligent well-thought out properly spelled and reasonable comments are more than welcome. However, stupid, rude, or insulting comments will find their way into the spam folder (sooner rather than later).

I have an idea about something to do that would make this person happy, but after all this is a family friendly blog so I will just leave it at perhaps he should amuse himself with the one activity that most mothers say will make you go blind or grow hair on your palms!

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