Isn’t Reisling a WHITE wine?

On December 7, 2007 my father passed away.  I lived with him, I found him dead on his bed, and  so this was a really stressful time for me.

The first night (the night he died) I spent with friends.  I didn’t sleep a wink BUT it was still better than being home ALONE.

I came home the next day in the late afternoon. That night I could not sleep for love nor money.  I tried reading a boring book …… I tried a warm bath ……..then I remembered there was some Reisling (white wine) in the refrigerator and I thought that might help.

The first problem was I couldn’t get the bleeping cork out of the bleeping bottle.  It literally shredded into big pieces and fell down the neck of the bottle into the wine.  So I’m thinking I need to strain the wine.  The only thing I have to strain it through is (white) coffee filters.

So I get the coffee filters set up over a large glass.  I start pouring the wine and I notice it’s the color of tea that has been steeped just a tad bit too long or maybe slightly watered down Coca-Cola. I didn’t think  the cork was in there long enough to change the color ……….

I’m thinking to myself, Reisling is  supposed to be a WHITE wine isn’t it?

Being that I’m not much of a wine drinker (actually not much of a drinker at all), I went in my bedroom where the computer was and asked my friend Liz in Australia the burning question: Isn’t Reisling a white wine?

She of course tells me yes and asks me why I’m asking her.  I say I just poured myself a glass of Reisling and its brown as brown can be.  I swear I could almost hear her laughter clear from Australia.

And after two glasses of BROWN Reisling…….I still couldn’t fall asleep.

Do I think I will ever drink BROWN Reisling again?  I DON’T THINK SO.

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