12 Years of Experience Counts For NOTHING!

Thank you for your interest in the Teller position position. We value the time you’ve taken to share your background and experience with us. The initial screening indicates there was not a match between your background and our needs.

You will be eligible to reapply for the Teller position position 6 months after your original screening date. Until then, we encourage you to explore other opportunities with edited by visiting our careers site at edited. The online profile you created has been stored. If you elected to have your profile status “Searchable,” we may contact you if your background matches our ever-changing needs. So, please keep your information current.

Thank you again for your interest in edited. We wish you success with your career pursuits.

12 years of experience — most of which was with this bank — and there’s not a match between my background and their needs?

The real truth –and what they cannot legally say– is that I am too old, too fat, and I don’t color my hair.

I knew this interview was a waste of my time the minute I walked in the room with the other 8 applicants. Yes, a group interview, one of my least favorite things in all the world.

Of the nine applicants in the group interview, I was the only one with gray hair.

I was probably the oldest one in the room too; there were two others that might have been in my age range (45-54) but they obviously colored their hair as there wasn’t a speck of gray showing on their heads

Other than one male, the remaining 5 applicants were very young, very thin, and very pretty.

Some had obviously not read the email about dressing professionally for the interview either, but since they were young, thin, and pretty (with none of that dreaded gray hair) they were probably given a pass for that too.

Old, fat, and gray haired just doesn’t fit the youthful and trendy image this bank likes to portray, even though many of their customers are old, fat, and gray haired.

Nope, on the teller line at this bank 8 out of 10 tellers will be female, young, thin and pretty. There might be a token male or two, but even at that they aren’t fat and they don’t have gray hair.

The ‘behind the scenes’ people might be allowed to be fat, old, or have gray hair, but what the public mostly sees is the young, thin, pretty women on the teller line.

Will I apply for another job with this bank? I DON’T THINK SO!

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