Monster is the WORST!!

Of all my commentary, comments, and complaints about job sites, job hunting, references, etc (and there are even more than I thought there were; see the links below) gets the grand prize for being the most user-unfriendly job site on the planet.

First they find a virus attached to the selfsame resume I have submitted via email to other prospective employers and job boards a minimum of 75 times in 2010 alone. Now don’t we think if that resume had a virus attached to it that these other job boards and prospective employers would have found it long before this, and informed me of said virus?

I am pretty sure where that virus came from (if it even existed at all except in the mind of the employee who scanned my resume) and its not MY resume or MY computer.

Then there was the email from the intelligence challenged recruiter who apparently can’t read ( and who found my resume on

Next comes the spam email from First Command Financial Planning. I guess the same non-reading disease affects this intelligence-challenged recruiter also as there are NO territories for First Command Financial Planning in the entire state of Oregon. Mind you, I specifically said I was NOT interested in relocating when I uploaded my (VIRUS FREE) resume to


Your experience and skills may match a career as a Financial Advisor with our firm, First Command Financial Planning.

First Command Financial Planning has been a force in assisting the military community with their financial futures since 1958. With over 300,000 clients world wide, we are in the process of expanding our service offerings to the civilian population and we are looking to grow our field Advisory force to meet those needs.

We offer our Advisors some of the best training and support in the industry as well as a compensation program that will meet your needs. First Command also provides extensive office expense support for the duration of your career with us.

We invite you to visit us at to learn more about the opportunity and to fill out an application online.


Field Recruiting First Command Financial Planning

P.S. If you know of anyone who would be interested in a career as a financial advisor, feel free to forward this message to them

Two minutes after I received the spam from First Command Financial Planning I received this spam from United American Insurance Company; the title stated that Monster sent them my resume yet he clearly states that he found my resume online.

Hi, my name is (edited) and I am the President of United Americans Branch Office Division. I found your resume online and wanted to let you know we have open positions for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. We believe you are an outstanding match.

If you are goal-oriented with good communication skills and a desire to succeed I would like to speak with you at your earliest convenience. We are a part of the Torchmark Corporation, an S&P 500 company. Full training is provided. Bonuses and incentives are also a part of our commitment to your success.

I look forward to discussing this opportunity with you. If you are ineterested in learning more about this opportunity, simply visit us online at (edited) or call (edited).

This site can’t even tell you where the territories are, they are too busy telling you how wonderful they are to work for and how great the field of health insurance sales is. Mind you, I have NO sales experience at all and as far as I know, insurance sales are commission only. I do think that someone who knows that she couldn’t do well at commission only sales of appliances and/or electronics ( wouldn’t be interested in health insurance sales either!

But the topper, the experience that made me so angry I could have just spit (I did swear ROFL), was the phone call at 5:45 pm Thursday evening. Mind you, I was sleeping at the time because of the great itching scalp debacle (; I had no clue that intense itching for hours on end could actually make me physically ill but it did.

Anyhow, the phone rang, so I answered it (that was my first mistake).

A computer-generated voice says ‘we have received your resume and are interested in talking to you. Press or say 1 (one) to speak to a representative, or press or say 9 (nine) to have your information removed from our database.”

I pressed 1 (one), another computer-generated voice says ‘we are currently experiencing a high call volume, please enter or speak your zip code to find the branch closest to you.”

I entered my zip code, the computer-generated voice confirms that the zip code belongs to Bend, Oregon and then surprise surprise ‘we have no branches in your area. please enter or speak your zip code to find the branch closest to you’

At no time during the phone call did the company ever identify who they were or where they were calling from. For all I know it could have been a non-job-related telemarketer or a collection agency pretending to be a potential employer.

That, boys and girls, was when I lost my temper. I yelled into the phone “shove it up your ass’ and then I hung up. My only wish is that the phone had been in a different spot so I could have slammed the receiver down rather than replacing it gently in the cradle.

Any employer (or entity) that calls well after business hours and can’t be bothered to use live people to communicate deserves worse than being sworn at and hung up on.

If my caller ID was working I’d be more than tempted to report these idiots to the Better Business Bureau and the FTC (I am on the federal Do Not Call list for a reason, and they violated the rules by not clearly identifying themselves as a potential employer and/or clearly stating who they were or where they got my phone number).

If the phone rings again after 5:00 pm on a business day, the fax machine will work nicely to shut down the computer generated voice or any other idiot attempting to harass me. Nobody else uses the landline number and even if they do, they don’t call after 5:00 pm.

Am I impressed with or ANY of the people who supposedly got my information from I DON’T THINK SO!!

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