Do You Have Any DECENT Furniture?

Well my mother was just on a roll last night.

First off, I have to call her every Wednesday and Sunday–last night was Sunday night.

So I try 3 times to call her and got a busy signal each time. I have to admit this made me mad since we have this standing ‘date’ and I assumed she was talking to someone else.

I finally gave up and went to bed.

Just as I start to drift off to sleep the phone rings and of course its her. She had ‘accidentally’ left the phone in the bedroom off the hook and didn’t realize that she’d done so.

So I am grumpy to start with and then she starts talking about moving in with me.

Truly, I’d sooner live with the devil himself than with my mother!

She managed to make several very insensitive (even insulting) comments before I really lost my temper and told her that I would rather live on the street in my truck than with her.

First came comments about the cats (2) and the cat boxes (there are 5 in the house); she insists that cat boxes make her throw up. I said….your next request will be that I get rid of the cats. She said oh no I would never ask you to do that.

Then she said I never told her that I was getting food stamps.

I am going to stop telling this woman anything at all, she either forgets what I’ve told her or she remembers it, twists it, and then uses it against me.

The topper though was “do you have any DECENT furniture?”

I told her that was an insulting question and she went off about how I’d told her I’d sold all my furniture in the yard sale—-hmmmm here’s a newsflash for you, Mommy Dearest, I didn’t even have any furniture in the yard sale other than 2 dining room chairs and my drop leaf dining room table. None of these things sold.

I never ever told her that I had any furniture in the yard sale other than the aforementioned pieces. She made that up out of the whole cloth

In addition, she knows exactly what furniture I have since she lived here with my father for several months a few years ago.

There have been no additions or subtractions to the furniture here since that time (other than moving my antique sideboard in from the storage locker last October and getting rid of my fathers bed because the cats used it as target practice for their spraying for 3 months when I first got them).

She’s recently gone so far as to suggest I sell the dining table that is actually in the dining room so she knows what furniture is in this house, she just conveniently chooses to forget so she can ask insulting and verbally abusive questions.

DO YOU HAVE ANY DECENT FURNITURE? I have a houseful of decent furniture.

Are my mother and I ever going to live together? I DON’T THINK SO!!

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